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15 February 2008 @ 09:26 am
Happy Friday!  
To whoever left me love in svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game (which I didn't even know existed until today), thank-you so much! It makes me feel all warm and squishy. :-) {{HUGS}}

And {{HUGS}} to my entire f-list! While Friday is usually a good enough reason for happiness, there are things I am extra thrilled about today, including but not limited to:

~ the above linked V-day game. Go check it out, you might be surprised like I was. I don't even know svmadelyn!

~ my friends experiencing family medical emergency stuff are well, and so far, things are looking very positive for them. {{extra hugs to you guys}}

~ kateelliott posted something extremely timely for me (re: yesterday's writing post) about first time authors and series writing. I want to print it out, along with all the comments, frame it and tack it to my laptop. I won't, but I want to.

~ I am feeling all optimistic about my queries out there these days. I'm sure it will pass, but for now, yay optimism!

~ Supernatural last night was wrenching and awesome and makes me so insanely happy the Writer's Strike is over. Oh, Sam. And now we know exactly how Sam will react when Dean is gone. He will become his father, which really is no surprise, given the fact that we've known Sam is the one most like John since S1. Oh, Sammy. And I loved all the funny moments they sprinkled in to an episode that really...wasn't. Asia, and Dean's head bopping, the teeth brushing, the peeing when a car hits you, the 101 different ways Dean can die - OMG, the dog one was hysterical! Or maybe that was just me. Sam's absolute apathy to everything after 100 days. "No matter how hard I try, I can't save you." *pets Sam* Let us hope that is not prophetic. Of course, it won't be, because they must have the brotherly dynamic for this show to go on. But still, it's worrisome, a bit.

And I want to know how Ruby's "We have to prepare Sam to handle all of this after you're gone, without you" fits in, cause sure, Sam was kinda crazy obsessed, but he was getting shit done even without Dean. Vampire nests and other creepy bad things. So why does Ruby feel the need to get Dean to help her 'prepare' Sam, unless all that stuff she told Dean was really the BS, and what she told Sam about saving Dean was the truth? But then, why lie to Dean? So confused.

The hug at the end was awesome. "Dude, how many Tuesdays have you had?" And the preview for next week looks awesome. What was that about a "full night" and starting at eight? Do we get a special two hours even though they didn't say it? This must our last 'new' episode in the can, huh? Thank God the writers are back! Get writing, Kripke and team!

~ My test beta reader, the one who reads my chapters as I write them the most consistently and gives me super quick feedback (you know who you are!), appears to be liking the chapters of Nemesis like whoa. I am starting to get mildly concerned as to whether I can keep this level of awesome going, but I'm also going to be happy and pleased with it for as long as it lasts.

~ Tonight, my husband and I are going out for prime rib at the bestest prime rib place in town, and then to see either Jumper (1st choice) or Spiderwick (a lot depends on where these are both playing).

~ Yesterday, my husband brought me home flowers. A dozen roses, in colors ranging from green, to yellow, to orange. I like red and white and pink a bit more, but I am so not complaining, as they are gorgeous. I was only expecting a small arrangement, not a full dozen.

I think that's it for my happy Friday list at the moment. So back to writing!
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