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08 May 2008 @ 03:38 pm
Writing progress  

More than 60K on the book, y'all. (Just.)

That means I'm only 30 or 40K from being done. I can do that in the next three weeks, especially since today the ending really fell together for me. Like "OH, that's how this fits in with that and ties everything up together, and ends this first book in the series definitively!" Thank goodness, because I was kinda worried how that was going to wrap up. And this would never have happened if I hadn't gone back and added those couple of alternate POV scenes, so I guess I have my answer for how that worked, don't I? The latest chapter has another, and I know of at least one more before the end of the book.

And because 60K rocks, here is a small snippet of dialogue that amused me:

“I’m sorry,” Treon said, sitting back and rubbing wearily at his temples. “I can keep trying, but I’ll only get the same result. If someone has changed things, damaged them to the point of actual scarring, they’re both a much more powerful telepath than I am, and more skilled.”

“That must leave us with a pretty short list of suspects,” said Mercy.

“Not really," Treon said dryly. He stood up and crossed to Reaper’s bar, pouring himself a glass of mnemosa, that green drink Reaper foisted on her during training. She’d picked up the name while Treon was in her head, though he’d kept most of his thoughts guarded.

She looked at Cannon, who sat quietly across from her, observing.

“I thought you said Treon was the most powerful telepath on the Nemesis.”


“No,” Treon interrupted. “That’s incorrect. I’m the most powerful telepath of the past two generations, at the very least. And the most skilled. The list of suspects isn’t short, Mercy. It’s nonexistent.”

No arrogance there, she thought, glancing at Cannon for confirmation.

It’s not arrogance if it’s true, Treon responded, clearly amused.
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