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09 February 2009 @ 10:08 am
Kindle 2  
So. Amazon announced its new Kindle 2 this morning.

Most of you know I bought my Kindle a few months back, and I admit, I was a little dismayed to see a "new" version released so soon after shelling out all that cash. Not that Apple hasn't done that time and time again with it's iPods and the like.

And, much like the iPod, I find no really compelling reason to "upgrade" my Kindle to the new version. Maybe version 3.0 will have enough truly upgraded features to tempt me. Here are the bare bones differences as I see them:

~ slimmer design
~ 20% longer battery life
~ 'pages' turn 20% faster
~ text-to-speech feature will 'read aloud' any book or newspaper etc. (I can't think of any way this won't suck. Some computerized voice reading like a phone recording is not the same thing as an audiobook.)
~ grayscale adjustable for crisper text

~ still no folders for organizing books
~ they removed Kindle 1's SD card slot, which I loved as an added memory feature for storing literally my entire library (eventually)
~ can't change the battery yourself if it goes bad - must be sent back to Amazon. Kindle 1 has a battery we can change.

I do think the new design will be more user friendly for holding/reading without accidentally pressing buttons, but with my cover, I have very little problem with that now. And I like the idea of 20% quicker page turning, but not enough to make me want to spend $359.

At the same time, Amazon has also FINALLY released a software upgrade for Kindle 1. No folders or anything cool like that, but now we'll be able to zoom in on pictures. I can see that being really useful for textbooks and newspaper readers. I might use it for maps in front of books or something.
purple_shoes on February 9th, 2009 07:18 pm (UTC)

Granted, I was waiting for a version 2 to see what they came up with (we are very slow about getting our technology, I told my mum I didn't want an iPod until they could play video so I waited a few good years, lol.) but I'm sort of bummed about them taking away the SD card slot. I didn't see them getting rid of that! The battery thing is a bit of a pain, too, but that probably comes with the slimmer style.