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30 March 2009 @ 10:12 am
Jane Austen Day - part 2  
Now that I've actually had some sleep, I can post more details about the pics I posted here.

We've got this local old theater that only shows one movie at a time, usually one currently out-in-theaters. But sometimes they do special events. This past weekend, they did a 'Jane Austen' event, where they showed the Hugh Grant, etc, Sense and Sensibility. Everyone was encouraged to attend in costume, and afterward a tea was held at a local restaurant. A daydress and spencer jacket were raffled off.

We went, a good time was had by all (although the restaurant that did the tea was, hmmm, not very professional in how they conducted themselves, and the food they provided for $15 a person was disappointing. Scones are all well and fine, but there were supposed to be more sandwiches, and they never once served us water even though it was stipulated three times before the event, and asked for during the tea. I doubt they will be approached to do the tea again if this event is repeated next year.)

But, int the course of the afternoon, we met some really lovely ladies from the Oregon Regency Society. They do all kinds of events! Balls, teas, workshops. Next month, they're doing a walk in the garden (some really great rhododendron gardens in Eugene) and a picnic lunch. We are definitely going to that! (Weather permitting.) They do reading groups and all kinds of things, and I thought some of you ladies might be interested, as it turns out there are many similar groups devoted to the regency period and Jane Austen in particular:

The already mentioned but limited to my state Oregon Regency Society - free to join! Check your local area for something similar, perhaps.

And once you're part of a local group or chapter, that group might be a member of The Regency Society of America - only 'groups' can join, but any individual can register for their forums where all sorts of chatter about the period and events goes on.

The Jane Austen Society - which charges a yearly fee, but is available internationally even though it says "of North America". They occasionally do tours of England! Two members (mother/daughter) attended our event, and they were just wonderful. The mother even met her husband at an event, and when they got married they went to Bath for their honeymoon. :)

I'm sure there are other international organizations. I can only imagine that England must have at least a couple.

I really hope the weather holds for our picnic at the end of April. It sounds so fun. :)
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