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13 December 2007 @ 01:59 pm
the continuing saga of query  
I think all of my posts about the query process/finding an agent are going to be titled the same from here on out. There are only so many subject line variations one can do on the same subject.

**WARNING: Authorial obsessive/compulsiveness ahead. Proceed at own risk.**

So, I have this dilemma. Two agents I queried some time ago have not yet responded. Now, both agents were e-mail queries, and both agents specify that they send out a standard rejection, rather than the also common "we will only reply if we are interested", meaning if they were not interested, I should have received a rejection. Query Tracker (a site which allows you to track who you've sent queries to, when, how long it took them to respond, etc, in a much better format than my oh-so-scientific spreadsheet) also allows people to leave comments about their experiences with specific agents. Agent A was among the first I queried back in September. Their website at the time said to expect a response in 10-12 weeks. Query Tracker has their response times from a minimum of same day turnaround, to a maximum reported of seven weeks. Well, it's been twelve weeks with no response. Except now their website says to expect a response in 12-15 weeks. A couple of comments on QT are from people who sent this same agent an e-mail query in October and November, respectively, and received their rejection notes back within days.

I don't know if I should wait until the full, newly advised 15 weeks is up as per their website, or go ahead and send a polite note asking if they received the query, which could possibly have been lost to spam filters or ethernet poltergeists back when I sent it.

In the end, does another three weeks even matter? (Of course it does!) <--Hush, you. I'm not talking about 'does it matter to the obsessive part of my brain'.

An argument could be made that if they haven't responded yet, it could be due to an impending positive response. Except that this isn't a partial, it's a one page query. How much longer could a positive response really take in this instance, compared to a rejection?

So the question is, do I send them the note, or don't I?

I sent a query to agent B in October. Their website says 4-8 weeks, of which it is now week 7. I think I will go ahead and wait the one more week for them.

As a side note, on Query Tracker there are a couple of people (out of, like, 30) for each agent who 'did not receive a response' and let that go as a rejection. What, seriously? Why would you do that? From an agency that normally does send a rejection, a complete lack of response probably means they never got it, so why would you not send them a note and query again? *shakes head*
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kjljkjlj on December 13th, 2007 10:14 pm (UTC)
Since your 12-15 weeks falls around several major holidays and at least one large and perhaps several smaller fantasy cons, I'd wait till after the first of the year to send the polite note to Agent A. I might wait another three weeks to send the note to Agent B, too, for the same reason. Of course, there is really no unbusy time for agents, but I think a followup that's worded politely would be fine.