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14 December 2007 @ 10:58 am
Holiday themed update  
Christmas shopping = almost done. Just a few small stocking stuffer-type things to pick up this weekend, and the waiting for things finish arriving via the postal service.

For example, we are getting Mark's parents a digital camera. (Why we're doing this, exactly, when we are going to have to explain how to work it/how to d/l pictures fifteen-billion times, I'm not entirely sure. But it seemed like a good idea at the time.) Best Buy had the best price on the model we wanted, + free shipping, so I ordered it back on December 3rd. As of yesterday, the thing still hadn't arrived and I was freaking out. Then Mark tells me it came Monday, and he's had the box sitting in the living room by the Christmas tree since then. "Didn't you see it?" he asks me. What, among the other seven boxes we have stacked all over the living room right now? No, sorry, missed that. But at least the camera is here. *panic averted*

This weekend will be wrapping all the presents, which I haven't even started.

I feel like I am gaining ten pounds on all the darn work potlucks and bake sales and holiday goodies. Crap. I avoided gaining any holiday weight last year, but don't think I will be so lucky this year. In an effort to stave off the inevitable, I have switched to black tea for my morning caffeine fix. I will miss my coffee, but coffee requires milk for me, and I'm cutting most dairy out of my diet for the interim. I will switch back to coffee when I'm feeling slimmer, though I'm sure a cup will sneak into my hand now and again, regardless. for me, drinking coffee isn't about the caffeine, it's about the taste, the warm cup in my hands, a fact my accupuncturist doesn't get. ("I don't agree with taking any sort of stimulant." And yet, he advocated the drinking of tea. *is confused*)