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22 January 2008 @ 08:53 am
24 degrees?! Seriously? WTF is up with the weather? If it's going to be that bone chilling cold, at least have the decency to snow or something, so we could stay home curled up with hot cocoa or coffee or tea. (For those of you in C temperature places, 24 degrees F is approximately 8 degrees below freezing. We do NOT get that cold here during daytime hours, generally speaking. Maybe once every few years does this happen, accompanied by ice and snow for a few days.)

Sooooo, what did people think of Friday's SGA?

~ Ronon and Dr. Keller, eh? I'm...surprisingly intrigued by this. My first thought when he showed up at the infirmary, bleeding (again) was "WTH? Ronon sure does seem to end up in the infirmary a lot lately." And then Dr. Keller was all "That's the fourth time this week!" and I thought "Hmmm. That is very unlike Ronon to be hurt in training so often. But why would he let himself get hurt on purpose? Unless..." And yes, now we find out he likes the diminutive doctor. That he goes for that particular type, in fact. They are opposites, and opposites do attract....if the show had gone here shortly after her arrival, I'd've been mad and disbelieving. But they've done quite a bit of character development with her, really, and with other people on the canvas that aren't Ronon. I think that's why this didn't bother me. (Also, they've pretty clearly taken Teyla off the table for a Ronon/Teyla hookup, so I could get behind almost anything they do with him now, really.)

But really, I can see this. I can see him admiring her strength of character, even while some of her views annoy him. I can see him being protective and softer with her than he is with other people. And wow, Jason Momoa is a helluva lot bigger than Jewel Staite, isn't he? Like, she looks breakable next to him.

~ Poor Rodney. What am I saying? Poor Katie! God, what a way to find out your man was going to propose, and now he's not. She had to be imagining the next twenty years of her life with Rodney's insane drama king antics and over-reactive negativity. But....does this mean they're done? The way she said "bye" sounded kinda final. Poor Rodney.

~ Teyla, WTF were you doing climbing out that window, even for a second?? That, to me, was a dumb character moment on the part of the writers. Teyla might have wanted to climb out the window, but IMO, she wouldn't have done it. Especially not after everything she had just said to John.
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Ambassador of  Awesome: homergateamphetamine_47 on January 22nd, 2008 05:58 pm (UTC)
Keller and Ronon are adorable. And how cute is he, hurting himself to visit her? LOL
rhienellethrhienelleth on January 22nd, 2008 06:08 pm (UTC)
'Adorable' is exactly the right word!

I know, I wonder if he 'let' himself get hurt, or if he deliberately cut himself and then told her it was training accident.