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01 February 2008 @ 09:23 am
Adventures in metal  
Last night, I successfully soldered something for the first time!

Really, this is HUGE. The first attempt was an utter failure for reasons that still escape me. No matter how many times I heated the jump ring, how much flux I added, all I did was soften the metal and turn it colors, no actual soldering going on. In fact, the solder didn't even melt. I gave up and just continued making my headpins, wondering if I should order different solder/etc.

Well, last night I decided to try again! I'm making a custom bracelet for someone on commission, and I wanted the jump ring used as the clasp to be soldered for extra durability. So I fired up the torch and tried it. And it worked!

This opens up a whole new exciting jewelry world! Before you know it, I'll be making bezels and ring shanks. But for now, here's the soldered jump ring, not yet polished back to shiny brightness (a turn in the tumbler will shine it right up):

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished