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14 February 2008 @ 03:07 pm
Writing cures all self doubt!  
...or something.

I've just noticed that since the Nemesis WIP has been going so swimmingly, I've suddenly stopped being quite so utterly depressed about the query process. I've sent out two new queries since yesterday, despite the fact that there are five others out there I'm still waiting (and waiting) to hear back from. So new book = making me feel more optimistic about the last one. I mean, I still love the last one like chocolate and peanut butter, but I'm not massively depressed (at the moment) when I think things like "What if no one ever likes it well enough to want to agent it/me?" Now when I think that, I tell myself "Then you'll just keep querying until you find someone who does." or "Then maybe you'll query Nemesis and when they ask you what else you have, you can say here, this."

I know the usual mode of operations is to write the book, submit/query it, if no one bites, be ready with the next book to query/submit that, and maybe/probably nothing ever happens with that previous novel.

Except, you guys, I have so many plans for the previous novel. It's not my first, it's just the first I've ever felt so strongly about I don't think I can ever give up on trying to get it published. Because if it doesn't, ever, then I may not ever get to write books for McClairen (already in process, and therefore kind of a moot point), Jake, Dom, Tobas, Evie...you get the picture. In my head, this is a series. In my head, I have at least the next three books mapped out, with more to follow (please, hopefully). And sure, I could write them anyway, but if there's no chance of them ever seeing daylight beyond my cadre of loyal and supportive beta readers...it's sort of a lot of work even if I flove the characters so much it hurts, you know?

Add to that the fact that Nemesis is also a series, though of a totally different kind, and I basically have a whole lot of future books in my head that may never get written if nothing ever happens with these. See, Nemesis is more that traditional SF series, where you have the same MC in each book, but more shit happens to him/her and the the universe in which they live, rather than each book focusing on a different MC in the same world, but all intertwined together. And it's different enough, that I think it will be great for me to flip flop between the two universes/series, (even though I've been moaning a lot lately about how I have too many characters/books in my head trying to talk all at once.)

See? I is writer, and I come with my own marketing plan.

I need an LOLCAT macro for that.

But no, seriously, I so, so, SO want to do this! I was talking to one of my friends the other day, and she was sort of giving me this awesome pep talk about things, and what she loves best about my writing, and why she so wants me to write these books I have planned, and I got all excited and went on and on about this dream in my head, where I have contracts for both series, and get to write them both and get paid for it, as opposed to I write them both for just my own personal satisfaction (and really, to get the characters to shut the hell up. Cause writing them down is the only way I have found to really do that! Even though Nemesis is awesome, McClairen is sort of flexing his claws meaningfully in the back of my head, saying "An' why did you stop workin' on my book again?" "Because, sweetie, I need a totally separate book in a totally separate universe to query before I get back to yours. And the pirates were louder and more threatening.")

But really, that would just be the awesomest thing of ever. I could wake up every day, and be totally, completely, and incandescently happy with my job. (Because Mark working would allow me to quite my day job and just write, in the event of having that many books on the table, not because I think book contracts will give me enough to live on.)

Anyway, back to writing. Ahem. Forgive this post getting completely carried away by my fantasy of the future.

Also, I really, really need to find another affordable writing Con to attend this year, since my attendance to RadCon this weekend got cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances. (Family medical emergency - not mine, but that of the friends I was attending with. Without them, my way to get there and hotel room both go *poof*, but their family situation is INFINITELY more important than any Con, and my thoughts and prayers are with them.)
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kjljkjlj on February 14th, 2008 11:21 pm (UTC)
Don't forget about the Iron Springs retreat - it's totally free, except the part where you have to pay for your own cabin & food. I hope you can make it!
shellyinseattleshellyinseattle on February 15th, 2008 05:17 am (UTC)
Actually, we have room if you ever need it in Seattle. You'd probably need to rent a car here, though, if you're taking the train.