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31 March 2008 @ 12:22 pm
Mad libs!  
Er...maybe I should think twice about posting these sorts of things now that a couple of agents/editors have me friended? I have this urge to say "Don't read this, when the query gets sent to you, it will look NOTHING like this!" Hmm. Ah, well. Mad libs are supposed to be fun(ny).

Agent Nathan Bransford posted an interesting query mad lib thing in his blog today. I thought "huh, that's not a bad starting point for a query". So I copied the mad lib into a word doc, and plugged my WIP into the blanks.

And made myself laugh out loud at my keyboard.

The book isn't funny (overall - I always like to add in occasional character humor. It breaks up the tension and stress the characters are almost constantly under) so I need to come up with a way of wording this that removes the really wrong funny phrasing. (Have I mentioned lately, how much I hate and detest query writing?) Before sending the query to agents!

I just really need to avoid at all costs the phrase 'telepathic space pirates', and all will be well. You know, like "But when Mercy's ship is taken by telepathic space pirates..." Yeah. Just NO. Even if it did make me chuckle.
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