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24 April 2008 @ 08:59 am
My hammer came, and it is a thing of beauty! Small, sturdy, well made, with a beautiful rosewood handle. My husband thought it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen (next to my miniature anvil), and I had to snatch it from him lest he try to keep it. I know there are several other jewelry artists on my f-list, so yes I have a picture:

I took it with a dollar bill for size comparison, so you could see how small it really is. And, of course, the important part: it hammers very well, indeed. I'm so used to my crappy hammer that is literally falling apart, it was strange to use one that just works, and is well balanced to boot. It is now my firm belief that Fretz Jewelers Hammers are the way to go. Rio Grande and Contenti both stock them, FYI, and they run about $50 apiece.

I am still working on other pieces, but I did finish some earrings I've had 'mostly done' for awhile last night. Black spinel and deep, deep red garnet. Theses stones sparkle like you wouldn't believe:

Sadly, the red of the garnets is so deep, it bleeds to black in the pictures. But it isn't quite that dark in real life. More pics and info at my Etsy store, per usual.

With the hammer, I also got my drill bit set for my Dremel, with drill bits small enough to drill my bead caps. *rubs hands together* Now I will finally be able to make my own bead caps, among lots of other things, and make that labradorite necklace that's been in my head since I got these.

ETA: Also, because I completely forgot to order one thing I really need, I'm having to place two Rio orders within two days. Oy. And they've upped their shipping prices. There went $16 I could have avoided paying if I'd only been thinking clearly yesterday morning. On the other hand, this also gave me the opportunity to order some copper sheet to safely play with my new drill bits and things. *silver lining*
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