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07 May 2008 @ 11:00 am
Thank goodness  
All right. So that's done.

I finally finished going back and adding a couple of scenes to the earlier chapters of Nemesis, and can now move on to the rest of the book. Why those two 1K each scenes were such a pain to write I have no idea, but they were. However, I think they accomplish what they were supposed to. Although now I feel somehow that I need a military consultant as well as a scientific consultant (already taken care of) for this thing. I mean sure, it's a made up future military loosely based on the sea faring British Navy of old, but I still wonder if people more familiar with the military than I will read it and go "That is SO unbelievable! Gah!"

But I also think I worry too much. *puts it aside*

Time to get back to the pirates, now. :-) And sheesh, they're actually way more complicated than any military branch has ever thought of being.

Oh, and you may think because I haven't posted any GJPs this week, I'm not working on jewelry. This is not the case. But what I am working on is a super secret project that is going to be a gift for someone. I'll post pictures eventually, but not until it's done, and in the hands of its intended recipient. As it involves soldering, it's a bit involved.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished