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29 May 2008 @ 09:58 pm
For the most part, I don't watch Lost anymore - at least, that's what I tell myself.  But then I'll find myself watching it...whenever I see an episode preview that makes me care enough to tune in.  It's been that way for the last two seasons - I watch premieres, and finales, and a scattering of eps in between.  My f-list is a fairly good barometer for me.  If people are "meh", or upset in a bad way, I don't bother. 

But tonight was the finale, so there was no question.   I've long given up on this show making any kind of sense at all.  But the characters...the characters still get me.  Sawyer, Kate, Sun, Jin, Hurley, Sayid, etc. 

And, as always with this show, the finale ended with a bang.

And I mean that literally, of course.

~ Jin is NOT dead.  I have loved him and shipped Jin/Sun since S1, when he was working for her father and they were estranged because of it.  He is NOT DEAD, I don't care what they tried to make us think.  (That was a nice callback to S1, though, that moment between Jin and Michael when Michael told him to go.)  To repeat, he's not dead, he was blown off the side into the water, or something, and when the Oceanic Six find their way back to the island, he will be there waiting for Sun.  (Shut up.  You have to admit, STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED ON THIS SHOW.)

Also, I forget how frelling hot Daniel Dae Kim is until I see him on my screen.  And than I remember.  HOT.

~ Sawyer, how far you have come.   I knew it.  As soon as the fuel started leaking, I knew, because he had to find a way off that helicopter to not be one of the Oceanic Six, and of course he would sacrifice himself to save Kate (and Hurley, and I suppose everyone else, but mostly Kate and Hurley.)  Aaaaaand another totally awesome callback to S1, with Sawyer coming out of the ocean, shirtless and dripping wet.   I'm a little miffed at Juliet sitting there, sorta waiting for him with that bottle of rum.  Because now, of course, they're going to get all drunk together and mourn their losses (Jack and Kate). 

~ So NOT surprised by the reveal of Locke, by the time we got there.

~ The husband came in halfway through, and kept asking questions trying to understand the totally f-ed up storyline.  I finally told him it was too confused and complicated to explain, and he pronounced the show 'unbelievable' and 'ridiculous'.  My only defense was "Yes, but the characters..."