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16 June 2008 @ 02:29 pm
medie is hosting one of those LJ meme things, except instead of a love meme or whatever, it's a pep talk meme. To quote her:

"This is, er, not a love meme. Not in the traditional livejournal sense of the word. Basically it's a Pep Talk Meme for writers/icon makers/vidders, whoever. You can put your username here or you can out someone else's username here and people drop little pep talks about your work in comments. For those of us who can do it, but just need a little pick-me-up now and then.

Please pimp. I have a feeling there's a few people out there who could use it.

So, yeah. I'm the middle of end-of-novel madness right now, and my brain keeps straying to less complicated things, like fic. Mostly, I'm pretty sure, because of the whole "less complicated" aspect. It's very wistful, that mental straying. I keep telling my muse "Stop it! I promise you can write that Pepper/Tony thing later, after the novel is done." It's sort of working.

Here is my name.
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