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24 June 2008 @ 10:13 am
And the feedback begins...  
The first of my beta readers has gotten back to me, sort of (point of clarification - I kind of mentally term the two or three of you who read as I write "first readers" short for "first string beta readers", and everyone who reads after the first draft is done are simply "beta readers") - she's read 275 pages (double space, mind) since last night. So far, her only quibbles have been things I fixed in the editing pass. (Yay!) And the biggie: she LOVES it. I mean, she said good things about Dark Vision, but this is unquestionably a MUCH bigger reaction.


~ While she reads a LOT, she is not normally a reader of genre fiction. A little here and there, and she recently discovered romance, and has begun to read that, but SF is waaaaaay outside her realm of reading experience. She does, however, enjoy SF movies and shows. To give you some idea, she finished reading Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and then plunged into the beta read. I'm not sure what that means, exactly, except that Nemesis is apparently accessible to a wide range of readers, and somehow didn't suffer being read back to back with one of Shakespeare's comedies. Telepathic space pirates are entertaining. :D

~ From what she's said so far, I think Mercy herself (the main POV character) really appeals to her. She loves that she is not "perfect" or super hot, and that she is a woman who knows what she wants, what she doesn't want, and makes no bones about either.

(Er....I do tend to post when betas start getting back to me. If you're a beta reader reading this, and your opinion differs, please know that is completely fine! The more opinions, the better, and I definitely do not expect everyone's to be the same!)

This particular beta reader has been an RL friend for many years, so it's really fun time chatting with her about the book. :)
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