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14 July 2008 @ 09:42 am
Bulletpoint Weekend  
~ I gathered up all the spare change we've been accumulating for many months now, and took it to Coinstar this weekend. I ended up with a $70 gift card to amazon. That's several books for Kindle. :D

~ On the other hand, I boxed up a bunch (two banana boxes) of books and we took them up to our famous bookstore-as-a-city-block Powell's City of Books yesterday. $96 in store credit. But then, of course, we ended up buying more than twice that in books. *cough* - the only good thing I can say is that we did come home with far fewer books than we left with. And most of the purchases were Mark's, not mine! Bad husband.

~ We watched some Netflix that has been sitting around for about a month - the first disc for the show Damages. HOLY. CRAP. This show is fucking awesome. It's as awesomely awesome as The Shield, but with less creepy or otherwise violent squick (so far) and lawyers instead of cops. But otherwise, there are striking similarities, not the least of which is how incredibly compelling this show is. I am so buying the first season on DVD.

~ We helped move Mark's grandmother into an assisted living facility this weekend. Very sad.

~ It would really be nice if our stupid economic stimulus check would follow the timeline promised - we got our notification, finally, last week. It was supposed to "direct deposit" no later than Friday. Well, here it is Monday, and still no deposit.
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Miss Crankypants: BtVS Giles Book Geekaka_paloma on July 14th, 2008 06:03 pm (UTC)
Damages is a great show. Very addictive and very intense. I like the alternating between flashbacks and present day and how they are gradually converging on each other as more and more is revealed about what really happened in that first scene we see in the series' opener. I'm very curious to see what happens in season two.

And I'm envious of your Kindle situation. *she says as she stares at the many bookcases overflowing with books* I wish it was available for Canadian consumers. I swear, with all these distribution laws/restrictions I sometimes feel as though I may as well be living on Mars.
rhienellethrhienelleth on July 14th, 2008 06:10 pm (UTC)
Hmmm. I wonder - does the Sprint EVDO network exist in Canada? Cause if it did, and you found someone w/a US address willing to buy the Kindle on your behalf and then ship it up north to you...could be doable.

I do know there are supposed plans to introduce Kindle to the UK later this year...so perhaps soon people outside the US will be able to check it out.
Miss Crankypants: BtVS Giles Book Geekaka_paloma on July 14th, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
I honestly don't know if that system exists here but I do know I wouldn't be able to purchase and dl the books from Amazon--just like I can't purchase and dl their mp3s. I haven't thoroughly investigated the eBook reader situation yet. I know there are several on the market that I may very well be able purchase and use here, but I'm concerned about the availability and variety of titles.

I'm really in no particular rush for it and I'm sure one day soonish Kindle or something very like it will be available here on Mars in Canada. It's just that recently, I've been vowing to myself that I would lessen the book purchases to save on space, especially where hardcovers are concerned. So what did I do? I pre-ordered the upcoming Vicky Bliss hardcover by Elizabeth Peters because I'm too impatient for the mass market release and the library probably won't have it for a while.
rhienellethrhienelleth on July 14th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
Yes, quite a few Elizabeth Peters titles are available via Kindle, and I am hoping the new Vicky Bliss will pop up when the book releases (sometimes Kindle new releases can be a day or two behind regular book releases, as was the case with the recent new Naomi Novik Temeraire hardcover, which I am currently reading on Kindle.)

I have the WORST time not buying books, and my shelves are already way overfull, but in only days Kindle has helped me change that - I only bought one book in our trip to Powell's this weekend, a completely unprecedented event. :)