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25 August 2008 @ 09:19 am
Happy Monday!  
Is that an oxymoron, I wonder? Well, so far my day's been a bit of a mixed bag:

~ My car went in to get a timing belt/water pump replacement, ie a $500 fix. OUCH. On the other hand, if I don't do this and the timing belt breaks, my engine is toast. Hmm, I think that's a cheap price to pay to keep my car running for another hundred thousand miles. *fingers crossed* (Note: I drive a '96 Honda Accord with 217,000 miles on it. The first 137K were all freeway miles, though, so I figure 300K is easily within the life of the car. And I very much enjoy not having a car payment. And I lurve my Accord. I have loved it since the first day I drove it, and I will be sad when I must finally give it up. Though I do wish for three months out of the year that it had air conditioning. Still, this is a small thing, all else considered.)

~ In process of getting the car ready to go in this morning, I found the missing earring to a favorite pair I'd thought lost forever. :D!! I was ecstatic. *is wearing earrings now*

~ I had a massage yesterday. It was long overdue considering the number of headaches I had last week, and OWIEOMGWTFMUSCLES! My neck and shoulders especially on the left side were freaking tight. So tight, that when she worked those muscles and pressure points, it recreated the headache pain to nausea inducing levels (but also relieved pressure, and the pain stopped when she stopped pressing.) Today I am feeling sore, but no headache. Worth every penny, I tell you. My friend L, who's been seeing a chiropractor about her back for months now, also had a massage - her first full one ever - and is all in amazement at the difference it made. I've said it before and I'll say it again - more people should get regular massage. We see it as this luxury spa treatment, when in reality it may make a very real difference in your overall health.

~ I was prolific over the weekend. :-) Expect a GJP later today. Also, my massage therapist is going to order three sets of pendants/earrings as Christmas gifts for family, and I think we're going to work the deal out in trade. HA! Very satisfying, indeed. Although she also told me she doesn't think I am charging enough for my pendants. She was honestly stunned when I told her the price of the labradorite ones she was admiring, and then asked me "Why are you undercharging?" Um. Well. I suppose when you're a massage therapist and you charge $60 (or more) for an hour of your work, what I'm charging for an hour or so of mine does seem rather...well. But they seem to be selling at the current pricepoint, so...hmm. Anyway. Things to ponder, possibly. ETA: Lest you think the new pendants I'm listing today reflect a price increase, they don't, actually. Aquamarine is simply a more expensive stone than labradorite. Well, most of the time. :)

~ Today was Mark's first "Monday" in awhile. He had the worst time getting up and going to work this morning, let me tell you. Not helped by the fact that instead of actually sleeping, he more dozed all night. He was stumbling around in a fog this morning, poor guy.
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MiniOrrminiglik on August 25th, 2008 09:19 pm (UTC)
So, soooooooo jealous. I want a massage so badly. Just thinking about it is giving me envy pangs in my neck.