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16 September 2008 @ 09:17 am

I can't be bothered to remember the title for last night's ep - it was not nearly as relevant this week as last week.

My thoughts, in no particular order:

~ Really, John? You get all emo about the innocent people you've gotten killed, but then you invite this strange girl you've only just met back to your house? Where you've run to from the last time someone tried to kill you? With the robot that might go crazy at any moment?? And not only that, but you then tell her your family's super sekrit Terminator-detection phone protocol??? WTF? I hoped the hair cutting last ep would've meant you were on board and stepping up to the plate a little bit.

Also, I am really distrustful of Riley. Who is this girl that randomly comes up to John and inserts herself into his life, and stays out all night with not so much as a "Wow, my parents are going to be mad"? Cameron, you should add all of that into your threat assessment. Maybe she's just an innocent girl with a bad home life or something, but I did not like her or John's willingness to break rules for her on the strength of one skipped class and lunch. And what if she's NOT just a girl? What if she's evil!T-1001 chick in disguise? And now John has given her his family's sekrit code.

~ I shared Sarah's incredulity on this one. The whole time, she's looking at John like "Seriously??" I wouldn't have stopped at "This isn't the time." I would've asked him how he'll feel when this girl is lying dead on the ground because she got between John and the latest bullet. I get that he's a teenager and he's rebelling and he wants a life - but come on, John. You are not a normal teen, and you don't have a normal life. Or anything even close. I hope this thing with Riley does not go on for very long.

~ And where the hell was Derek on this? Come on, he's John's Uncle, and John was clearly not listening to his mother. Derek, that's when you as the relevant male step in and say something. Just FYI.

Plus, there can never be too many John-Derek family moments.

~ OMG I TOTALLY THOUGHT THE PREGNANT GIRL WAS MERCEDES MCNAB! It looked like her, only...bigger. Lots bigger. And really, really pregnant. But I looked it up, and it wasn't. Some woman named Busy Philipps. But my friend L called me at the commercial break and was all "OMG THAT WAS HARMONY!!" And I was like "I KNOW!! HOLY CRAP SHE IS REALLY PREGNANT!" But alas, we were both wrong.

~ Cameron is broken. Like really, really broken. I am quite convinced now that she overrode her own protocol last week and made the conscious choice not to terminate John. Why was she able to do that? Because she is different? Or because of some damage she experienced when the car bomb went off? And now she is broken and we are seeing these random moments of brokenness from her. The moment between her and Sarah at the end? Talking about being a time bomb that might just go off? Cameron was admitting to Sarah that she's changed, that something is wrong and she doesn't know if or when that faulty wire Derek mentioned earlier might....do whatever. Very interesting direction for her. Especially since she knows she's broken, but isn't as far as we've seen, running any diagnostics or self repair programs, like a good little terminator.

~ The guy from the future....um, why was he shot and bleeding when he came through? That does not bode well for the time travel thing we assume John controls in the future! Shot, bleeding, and apparently the only guy they could send through...yeah, bad.

~ Speaking of Derek, where the hell was he in this episode? The little we saw was all good and stuff, but he needed to be in it more. Yes, this ep was all about Sarah and John's rebellion, but come ON, there were times when Derek should have been interacting, or helping, and wasn't. Especially with John, and at the plant when things were going bad. Blowing shit up is Derek's thing, you know?

~ What was the deal with sealing the terminator in the cannister? I missed a little bit there due to the dinner I was cooking for Mark, and I didn't pause it because I'll be rewatching the ep with him, but why seal up an endoskeleton instead of incinerating it, as has been their established protocol? I must have missed something there, right? Also, what kind of T was it? It looked like a full on endoskeleton, ala Cameron, but it's much, much harder for one of those models to impersonate someone than it is for the liquid metal models. Did this terminator do something similar to Cromartie's transformation? And if so, when and how?

~ I did enjoy the pool scene. Heh. :)

~ Also, nice to revisit Sarah's fear of cancer. Continuity is always good.

Overall, though, I felt this ep was much weaker than the series opener. Not bad, but not OMG awesome, either. and I admit, my bar for this show is pretty high. I want OMG awesome every week.
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Jim C. Hinesjimhines on September 16th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
Riley felt forced into this, and I didn't get it. Admittedly, John's a teenager, which means logic and rationality don't always get to steer the ship. But it still felt forced.

Broken Cameron is going to be interesting to watch. In a lot of ways, she's the most fascinating character to me. Lots of potential conflict and tension there :-)

We've seen one other endoskeleton-type terminator impersonating another human (Cromarty? The one who shot up the entire FBI after taking an out-of-work actor's identity.) I'm still not clear on how that works, though.
rhienellethrhienelleth on September 16th, 2008 08:26 pm (UTC)
ITA on Riley - and if they hadn't spent so much time up to this point showcasing John with his "I get innocent people killed" attitude, it might have felt less forced to me...but we'll never know, because they did, and Riley just didn't work.

Yes, Cameron is definitely fascinating! I also love how Summer Glau is playing her - she seems really invested in doing this "right".

Yeah, the Cromartie thing - he had to lose his entire skin and force some scientist to make him new skin before he could look like someone else. So I'm a little fuzzy on how this terminator killed Greenway and showed up at work looking exactly like him with no explanation...
Jim C. Hinesjimhines on September 17th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)

Summer Glau is just fun to watch. And the SFnal side of my brain can see so many directions they could go with her character. I hope they don't screw it up!

On the Greenway terminator, I think it would depend on how long that particular bot had been in place. With no backstory or explanation, I've got no clue whether it was lazy writing or something perfectly logical that didn't make it into the script.
rhienellethrhienelleth on September 17th, 2008 02:23 pm (UTC)
ITA = I totally agree. :)

Ah, yes. True that some sort of explanation might have been cut.
KayJayUU: scc the motherkayjayuu on September 19th, 2008 07:09 am (UTC)
I dunno, I'm seeing something different with this whole "teenager rebellion" thing... not sure if it's because, again, I have a young man at a similar stage in life or not.

This is more than rebellion. Up until now, John's been the good son, obedient to his mother and his future and his destiny. He's still very much aware of his place in the years to come -- although he's being a little reckless with it at the moment. But the change that's coming over John is more than wow-I'm-sixteen-I-can-do-what-I-want. Even more than the usual separation from mom/dad/family. I'm rewatching the first season with my husband (his first time) and catching things I've forgotten -- in "Metal" there's a conversation between Sarah and Cameron after John is off doing... whatever, I can't remember.

Sarah: Maybe if you would have let him try to save that girl, or at least let him think he had a choice in the matter, he wouldn't have gone off the reservation.
Cameron: John does these things.
Sarah: Not the John I know.
Cameron: The John I know.

Sarah's not used to him not doing what she says, without question. Apparently, Cameron is. John is becoming the person he will be in the future. And that includes making risky decisions (like bringing Cameron back from the "dead"). The choices he makes now, even at 16, will make him the man who saves the human race. Not following Sarah's orders, or playing it safe, or running. Staying, fighting, risking, going against the conventional, logical grain. John is the future's hope; Sarah is the catalyst.

In that episode, John also says "Plans are for people who are in control of their own lives." I think it's too easy to pass this off as teenage rebellion (and maybe they aren't revealing this change well enough for people to figure it out). I think... John needs to start making plans.

(I also think John killed whats-his-name when he was attacking his mother, and that was the first life he'd taken directly if I'm not mistaken. That changes someone.)