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26 September 2008 @ 09:19 am
SPN 4x2  
First, this is going to be an awesome season! I love how Sam, the one working with a demon, is the brother who believes in God and is all "How can there be demons and not angels? Come on Dean!" And Dean is filled with doubt, largely because, as Castiel pointed out last week he doesn't believe he deserves to be saved, or chosen, or anything. And he's also seen so much bad stuff, if he gives in and believes in God, he has to deal with how angry he is with Him - how could He just let humanity struggle and die when demons are walking around wearing human skins?

A valid question, and one Castiel has yet to satisfactorily answer. But I think the answer has been built into the mythology of the show. Demons aren't fallen angels, they're human - well, they started out human, and when they died they became demons in hell. Isn't that how Ruby explained it last season? Isn't that Dean's greatest personal fear? I think people like Dean and Sam are how God fights against the demons. I think the angels were only allowed to take an active role once Lilith started going after the Seals. Then it was game on, and God could interfere more directly. Up until then, he had to work through people like Sam and Dean and Bobby to "save people" and "hunt evil". It all goes back to free will.

Anyway, I loved, once again, the conversation between Castiel and Dean. I loved that Dean got angry and yelled at him! I find I am a little disturbed at how hot Castiel continues to be. I know angels are beautiful, but that sexy edge he has sort of crosses a mental line for me. But I can't help it! He's all badass and sexy and that's pretty much my kink...I guess I will have to deal.

~ "Warriors for God." Hmm. I mean yes, I actually totally agree with this! But technically, Angels are messengers of God. But I can also see how Castiel might choose to answer the way he did, and why he would feel it important that Dean understand he, too, is just another soldier against evil, and how angels, too, are dying in this war. I do see angels as warriors for God, but I think that role is also covered by "messenger". They carry out God's will, whether it be delivering an actual message, pulling souls like Dean's from Hell, or fighting when God tells them to.

~ "I pulled you from the pit, and I can throw you back again!" Oh, Castiel. Not unless God commands it, you can't. Not quite a lie, but not quite the truth, either. I'd say Dean is getting under your skin a bit with his continued defiance and unwillingness to believe. I know, we humans can be frustrating. I can't wait for Castiel and Sam to finally "meet" next ep - they were all three in the preview together, right?

~ Um, as for the rest of the episode, it was creepy! I loved seeing Meg again. She is awesome, and just as relentless as a human spirit as she was as a demon. Those little girls that haunted Bobby - CREEPY! And I was worried for Bobby this ep! Show, you better not kill him off. EVER. I will not be forgiving you if you take Bobby away from the boys!

~ Oh! I actually liked new!Ruby a little better this ep. It almost looked like the actress had gone back and studied Katie a bit and tried to emulate some of her body language. Yes/no? It looked like it to me, and I liked her better for it. I also loved the "Angels? I'm outta here!" And Sam did not want her to go. I did find it interesting that it seems Ruby has genuinely been helping Sam. Maybe she really is looking for redemption? But how redeeming is it to be riding a human girl and taking her choices away? I am curious, with the addition of Castiel, to see where Ruby is going to go this season. But I should not get my hopes up. Being as how she's a girl, I'm sure her days are numbered.

~ "Dude. Where's the pie?" Distracted much, Sammie?

ETA: Oh, and also "But what you're doing with that demon, Ruby? How many innocent bodies has Ruby burned through, for kicks? How many girls, just like me? You're a monster." Sooooo....Sam/Ruby definitely having sex, yes/no? Or is she just talking about them hunting demons together? I kinda doubt it.

I continue to love the show this season. It's my most anticipated show each week, so far.
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Dragonsinger: Dean trouble - kalquessadragonsinger on September 26th, 2008 06:10 pm (UTC)
*Nods* Completely agree. I'm liking this whole angel dynamic, and I like your theory. My only problem is, why wouldn't God give them the power to fight the demons...who have extra abilities? But that's just me. Always looking for a fair fight.:)