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14 October 2008 @ 10:42 am
My Own Worst Enemy  
So, I have quite a history when it comes to Christian Slater. I had this best friend from kindergarten through high school, Teri, and I guess you could say we had our own version of fandom back then.

We were drama geeks, and writing geeks, and we had the obsessive tendencies of any teenage girl. I could tell you about the locker she and I shared...sophomore year, I believe it was, with our other friend, Holly, and how the three of us at the time were so into The Young Riders that we called each other by character's names (I was Cody) and wrote each other notes with the official Pony Express logo on them, and dropped those notes off in the mailboxes we'd fashioned and attached to the inside of our locker door. They got me a pair of long johns for my birthday that year, wrapped in brown paper and twine, and I had to explain the joke to my family when I opened them.

Anyway, that's just to illustrate the power of our personal little fandom of two or three. Or whatever you want to call it. For two years, I answered more often to "Cody" than I did to my real name. Fun times.

Christian Slater was another of our obsessions. I think Teri started it, with the movie Heathers. We watched that movie so many times, I think we wore out the VHS tape. We saw Young Guns 2 in the theater four, or maybe five times, not for Emilio Estevez (although he was pretty fine), but for Christian. When he disappeared off the radar of my movie screen, I was old enough I was outgrowing that phase. I was graduating high school, looking at colleges, growing up. I no longer answered to Cody, and Teri and I had drifted apart, the way you do when you realize your interests are going in opposite directions.

But the second I saw a preview for My Own Worst Enemy, I knew I would be hooked. Christian Slater playing a spy! Was there ever a show more tailor made for Rhien obsession? I'm thinking not.

It's sort of Alias meets True Lies meets La Femme Nikita. And I like it a LOT. The show was fun, the premise fresh and interesting, and who doesn't love spies? (As an aside, someday I am totally going to write that urban fantasy/spy thriller about special supernatural agents who race to find and control powerful artifacts the world over. Alias meets Indiana Jones meets...um, Buffy? Supernatural?) Ahem, anyway. I loved MOWE. I will be season passing it.

What is with Edward slapping Henry's wife's ass, twice? Is that his kink, or something?


My favorite bit was actually the final scene, where Edward is watching the video Henry made him, and the two personalities are so very, VERY separate. You see a bit of what Ozi? Uzi? meant when he said that in his opinion, Edward is a psychopath. It's like he gave all of his emotion and human connection to Henry, and what was left was a sociopath capable of doing what Edward needs to do. I find that concept fascinating. I loved the last bit, when Henry told him "There is a vast difference between driving a man's car, and driving a man's wife!" And the start of that lecture was when Edward was done listening to his alter ego. The rest of it, he seemed to be fascinated by Henry, like he couldn't really believe what he was seeing, watching that tape. Verrrrrrry interesting.
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Nuquiet_rebel on October 14th, 2008 06:24 pm (UTC)
urban fantasy/spy thriller about special supernatural agents who race to find and control powerful artifacts the world over

I feel the same about Christian Slater. For me, it was Heathers and Untamed Heart. Oh, man, Untamed Heart broke my little 12-year-old heart.