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21 October 2008 @ 02:08 pm
If she unlocks her post, I'll pimp this more directly, but until then I'll just say that a wonderful writer and really classy lady here on LJ has run into a really tough financial bind. Her car needs a new battery, but because it's a hybrid, the battery is insanely expensive to replace (try in the neighborhood of $3000!! Makes one think more seriously about how cost effective a hybrid really is.) She needs to fix her car NOW, even though she won't have the money to do so until sometime in November. She's asking for help, with the promise of repaying people. Me, I just like to help when people need it. If I were rich, my husband would probably have to stop me from giving it all away. My impulse control is pretty nonexistent when it comes to helping or gift giving, especially when I personally know someone.

In any case, she's trying to raise about $2600 very fast, or she has no car, and no transportation, and she lives in an area that is not alternate transportation friendly. She NEEDS her car, not wants, but seriously needs. And she's the sort of woman who has powered her way through some really tough times in the past, and asking for help does not come easily for her. This was very hard for her to do, and I would really, really like to help.

Unfortunately, with our debit cards shut down as of this morning (the ID theft I talked about in my previous posts today), I am without the funds to be able to donate something to her cause. If I sell some jewelry or beads today or tomorrow, that money would then be a paypal account balance, and I could easily donate it to help. so, if you've thought about buying something from either shop, but haven't yet, or if you've thought about doing some early Christmas shopping, now might be a great time. :)

Jewelry for a good cause, you know. ;-)

In the meantime, if she does unlock her post, I'll link it here for those who might want to skip buying from me, and directly donate to her.

ETA: And she's unlocked it. Still pimping the Etsy stores, but by all means, skip the Etsy stores and go straight to donating, if you're of a mind. I'll be doing the same once our account is straightened out, however many days from now that might be.
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