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07 November 2008 @ 09:04 am
First this morning, I've added pendant pics to the Rainbow Jewelry Drive post.

Only for a "simple" pendant, and after doing that, I think that's all I'm going to offer. The stones are small enough that I think I'll just end up frustrating myself to no end if I try my usual wire sculpture with them. Plus, the whole point is to notice the stones. If, however, I end up making any wire sculpture pieces, I'll likely list them specifically and uniquely for people to buy at their own special price, and there will probably only be a couple of them. If I make any at all.

A note: These are smaller and more delicate than I am used to making. I've included a dime in one of the pics for size comparison. If you are ordering a pendant, please specify whether or not you want a chain, and if so, which kind (pricing for chain is included in the post). Also, I'll allow people to choose which three "drops" they want to include. Stones and colors available are:

Topaz ~ Yellow
Carnelian ~ Orange
Turquoise ~ Blue
Amethyst ~ Purple
Adventurine ~ Green

And these are also listed in the post.

Another note - all entries associated with it are now tagged "rainbow drive" for easier finding. Tags are on the right of my journal, in alphabetical order.