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15 December 2008 @ 10:16 am
Snow day  
It's about 25 degrees F, or about 7 degrees below freezing, as it has been since I got up at seven this morning.  This is really freaking COLD for here, just FYI.  Ice and snow were bad enough, most schools canceled for today by about 10pm last night - which never happens around these parts.  I sent a text to my boss this morning, as our facility did not shut down, but is offering an "open leave" policy instead:

"hill covered in ice and snow, staying home today.  did many other people make it in?"

His response minutes later:

"glenn and I both stayed home.  Enjoy."

Hee.  Meaning if I had taken my father-in-law up on his offer to take me into work this morning, I would have been the only one in my office, probably one of the only few on center.  

I can't seem to find my camera this morning, but I posted a pic of the stuff coming down, as well as some gratuitous jewelry stuff last night.