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30 January 2009 @ 12:23 pm
Finally, we get some Sam-centric stuff! Actually, I think this was my favorite ep this season since 4x3 In the Beginning, also a kind of flashback episode.

~ Wow, that opening was brutal. High school was not a great experience for me, but in hindsight, teenagers are all insecure and fearful of not belonging. Especially the popular ones.

~ Ah, the Impala - we get a lot of really gorgeous shots of her this ep, or was that just me? Whoever directed it must love the car. *g* But then, who doesn't??

~ At first, Teen!Dean really threw me, because by teenage-hood we'd be seeing him as young Jensen, not young Not!Jensen, but the actor clearly studied Jensen's Dean and got enough of the speech and mannerisms right to win me over quickly.

~ Aw, same young!Sam as previously seen! I just adore him. :-)

~ The juxtaposition of young!Sam's introduction and teen!Dean's was very nice.

~ Wow, so I absolutely loved and adored how we got to see both boys' broken-ness come out in their younger selves. Dean's insecurity and fear of being alone manifesting as a need to be seen as cool and thusly accepted by his (mostly female) peers. Sam's absolute disgust and NOT being afraid at all of the school bully - even that young, he's seen real monsters, and the high school variety is simply ludicrous in comparison.

Also, already Sam was saving people from monsters. Even though his teacher asked him if he wanted to go into the family business, and his response was "More than anything, no." Oh, Sammie. *cries inside* Also, the non-fictional essay on his family killing a werewolf last summer was awesome. The weight of secrets is heavy, and young Sam is filled with enough bitterness to throw the truth in everyone's face.

~ a food processor? Really, show?? Ugh. First, they don't work without the lids on. Second, ugh. I didn't watch that scene after it telegraphed what was coming.

~ Bullies are bullies for a reason, and it's almost always a manifestation of anger and insecurity in themselves. Poor Sammie, he really messed up back then. I mean, he didn't, but I bet he thinks he did.  Sam carries guilt around.  Didn't save the innocent (Barry) or the monster(Dirk). And now I wonder if that "the monster has real feelings and a tragic story" was put there for a reason. Hmmm.

~ *squishes Dean* His protectiveness over Sammie at any age is made of win. :D Also, "I'm a hero!" with increasing desperation and lonliness. Oh, Dean.

~ "Are you happy, Sam?" Sam can't even meet his eyes. He's not happy, not even a little. Oh, Sam.

It's great to have an episode I can be unequivocally happy about. Oh, boys! Welcome back. :D Please stay like this for awhile.
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"Connoisseurs of Difficulty": Bond Dean?kistha on January 30th, 2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
Teen!Dean was almost scary good at imitating in the opening scenes - dthon wondered if it creeped out Jensen.

We were both in awe.

Also, excellent show. I agree it's hands down the best since the break.
Nu: tv-spn-brothersquiet_rebel on January 30th, 2009 08:34 pm (UTC)
I mentioned this in my own entry, but a lot of these stronger episodes are written by new writers. I wonder if that makes a difference. Fresh eyes, fresh voices...I kind of like it!