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18 February 2009 @ 09:48 am
Elimination Diet - Day 2.5  
I say 2.5 because it's sort of day 3, but I cheated slightly on day 1, so it doesn't really count.

In case you're curious about the specifics of this diet, you can find them here. The general idea: no wheat, soy, corn, dairy, red meat, pork, or nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers). The link above also has a chart of what you can and can't eat, and a "shopping list" that includes pretty much all of the specifics available to you.

A note: I'm not supposed to have coffee, technically, but my doctor told me to 'wean myself' off of it rather than go cold turkey. She seemed much more concerned that I stop all soda drinking, so that's what I've done - no more soda, and I'm keeping to my two shots of espresso in the morning, although the way the milk alternatives are working out, I'm probably only actually drinking one, if that. When the current regular coffee is gone, I'll switch to decaf, unless I decide to give it up altogether before then, which is quite possible. I figure this is pretty safe, especially the way I drink coffee (freshly roasted high quality beans. No additives, fillers, etc, etc. Just coffee.)

Yesterday's meals consisted of:

Breakfast - a banana and a latte made with the aforementioned coffee, almond milk, and the sugar alternative stevia. The latte was nearly unpalatable, so I didn't drink much of it. For those who might be curious, almond milk does not froth well. There isn't enough fat or protein in it, a situation I suspect will also be true of rice milk.

Lunch - an avocado, rice crackers w/hummus, an apple, water. I was still hungry afterward.

Dinner, after a trip to Costco and the local Fred Meyer's nutritional section - strips of chicken with diced celery and onion fried in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, onion and garlic powder, some sea salt, and ginger, served over rice. Not bad. There was some acidic steam to beware of while cooking it, from the vinegar. I cooked up enough extra chicken to serve over a salad for lunch today, and enough extra rice to eat for breakfast this morning.

Dessert - rice crackers (which I really do like - good nutty flavor) with almond butter.

Now, here's where the diet gets contradictory. It tells me I can't have cane sugar, but that I can have almond butter. All of the almond butters I saw have some element of cane sugar in them. It's the same with hummus - I'm not allowed citrics like lemon, but all hummus you buy has some lemon juice in it. I've decided to say screw it - if it's on the list that I can have it, I'm going to eat it.

Almond butter is, for those who might be curious, a LOT like peanut butter, as it turns out, but with a distinctive almond flavor. It was quite good with the crackers, and has become the only real 'treat' I'm allowed.

Today is going slightly better than yesterday so far. Not great, but survivable. If you ever have to go on this diet, be aware of that - it is NOT fun, it's not easy, but it IS doable, and survivable. But it takes planning and some expense, as most of the things you can have are on the expensive side.

Breakfast today - rice with coconut milk and cinnamon. A macchiato made with coconut milk, espresso, and a tablespoon of brown rice syrup, one of the other sugar alternatives I can have. At first, I was really pleased with both of these things. Coconut milk has a natural sweetness to it, and a consistency that worked pretty well for frothing, and tasted good on that first drink. However, it is incredibly rich, and I was unable to finish either my rice or my latte. *sigh* Perhaps I'll try the 'lite' kind next, or mixing it up with a little of the almond milk.

Today's lunch - salad consisting of lettuce, cucumber, onion, avocado, and last night's leftover chicken, with a balsamic/olive oil dressing. A nectarine, rice crackers with hummus, and later with a little bit of almond butter. I don't think I'll be hungry afterward today.

Also, I'm pleased not to have had any caffeine headaches yet. Sure, I'm still getting a little caffeine, but not much. No more diet coke, and only an oz. of espresso, approximately. (In case you haven't heard my spiel on that, a single shot of espresso has about 40ml of caffeine to it, where a cup of regular drip coffee can have anywhere from 2-400ml! People who think they're getting so much more of a jolt from espresso have it all wrong - that's all psychological.)

I'm on this diet until I go back in to my doctor on March 12th, just FYI.
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"Connoisseurs of Difficulty"kistha on February 18th, 2009 08:01 pm (UTC)
If you can have coconut milk, You can do the boiling chicken thing with coconut milk, then fry in herb-less oil. (Or don't fry the hubby likes it both ways.) Then Basmati rice (it might have lemon in it though) is good to eat it on. Or just Jasmine rice maybe with cilantro.

deire on February 19th, 2009 03:37 am (UTC)
I feel your food allergy pain. Milk. Corn. And a doctor asking if I'm really sure I couldn't at least try the celiac diet.