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09 May 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Never has my icon felt more appropriate.  
Well, I've tweeted about it, but it just wouldn't be complete if I didn't come here and say something about Star Trek.

I should preface this with the warning that I've had 2 glasses of a wine and a raspberry, um, martini?  Mixed drink, anyway.  I'm feeling very happy and fangirly and warm and fuzzy.  Just FYI.


NO spoilers below.

Best Trek ever?  That feels kind of blasphemous.  BUT.  Also true.

1.  They were absolutely respectful of the previous material.  They are not "rewriting history".  They include a very plausible story explanation for why things are different, and it's fabulous.  They can go anywhere from here, and it still leaves the first six movies (well, all of them, I guess) wonderfully intact and respects the shit out of them. 

2.  FAN-F***ING-TASTIC, people,  Fan-f-ing-tastic. 

3. Spock has always been, and ever shall be, my favorite.  ALWAYS AND FOREVER.  Don't make me recount how crushed I was when they killed him in Wrath of Kahn - sobbed my way out of the theater.  (I was eight.)  Zachary Quinto, you sir, did a fabulous job, and have my approval.  Leonard Nimoy, it was ever-so-lovely seeing you on the big screen one more time. :D

4. Eomer did an equally fantastic job as Bones.  Chris Pine was a good James T. Kirk.  It's tough, because those three had serious f-ing chemistry for years and years, and then these new three actors have to somehow pull off the same magic.  I'm telling you, it worked for me.  I've seen the movie twice, and I was a happy and fullfilled fangirl both times.  Not one complaint.  Not. One.  Not from me, nor from the much more critical hubby, who has always been a HUGE Kirk fan.  We both absolutely loved this one, start to finish.

5. If I have one complaint, it's MORE PLEASE.  More of them all.  I'm going to totally theorize that the Klingons will be the bad guys in the next movie.  They have to be, right?

Spock, you are so f-ing awesome.  How much did you love your Mom?  You didn't freak out on the bullies when they called your Dad a traitor.  You freaked when they called your mother a whore - the shitty little bastards.  And you didn't lose it emotionally when your whole fucking planet was eaten by a black hole, you lost it when Kirk accused you of not caring that your Mom was dead.  (Dude, I was visibly upset at the destruction of Vulcan - I kept expecting some time travel thing to save it.  But no.) You loved your human Mom, and it made me all soft and wibbly. Also, the thing w/you and Uhura - weird, but you guys had good chemistry.  I approve in this incarnation.  My mother, the Purist, is not so sure.  Me?  I am SOLD.  Bring on the fic.

(Oh, God, I'm tempted to write actual TREK FIC.  HOLY GOD, you guys.  I've got BFF fic, Uhura/Spock fic...Aaaaaaaah.  Go away, plot bunnies.)

Kirk.  Buddy.  Learn how to fight.  You got the shit beat out of you for most of the movie, and I bet you're damn tired of it.  I know I was.  Next movie, let's kick some ass, okay?  Also, the Kobayashi Maru was fantastic.  Among many other little things. :D

McCoy - keep on keeping on, man.  You were eerily like your earlier self, let me tell you.  I loved you almost as much as Spock.  You are awesome, and should just keep doing your thing.  "Green blooded hobgoblin" indeed.

Scotty - HEE!  More screen time next time, but you were great with what you had. :D

Was I the only one who teared up when Kirk's Dad died in the beginning?  Like seriously, I got way emotional both times.  It's Kirk's Dad, all being a hero and dying to save his wife and son (and 800 other souls).  I got teary eyes.

Dear JJ Abrams and Co - you may keep producing and writing this franchise, so long as you don't screw it up like you did later seasons of Alias and Lost.  Ahem.  You put freaking zombies in my spy show, so the trust has been gone for a long damn time.  If you fuck up Trek from here, I will never forgive you. So don't.

Love, Rhien

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anneteanneten on May 10th, 2009 12:16 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed all of the small references to the original show and movies that flew over the heads of non-fans (even the comment about Admiral Archer's beagle which is an Enterprise reference, but still).

And, yes, Abrams was right about the bridge making the Apple store look uncool. Hee!

Loved it to pieces and am going to see it again!!! And if you can see it in iMAX: DO IT!!!
rianeficmusings on May 10th, 2009 12:46 pm (UTC)
Yep, I'm a die hard fan, and this truly is the best out of all of them. SERIOUSLY.

I even liked Spock/Uhura! Gah!

Please. Write your Trek fanfic!!!!
monimalamonimala on May 10th, 2009 01:34 pm (UTC)
Dude. BOTH times in the theater, George Kirk dying made me choke up and wipe my eyes. The emotional impact is so huge and such a wonderful setup for the film.

LOVED the Kobayashi Maru bit. God, Kirk's such a punk. LOL.

And, yes, Spock loves his mom! You never mess with a man's mamma. You just don't! I loved that this was his trigger.
Ambassador of  Awesome: bunny_icons scottyamphetamine_47 on May 10th, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
Yes yes YES, so right there with you! Loved them all (especially Bones--good God was Urban dead on) & want more NOW!

And am begging you to write fic! ;)
deranged librarian groupieroseability_ on May 10th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
Star Trek was just a really good, solid screenplay. I loved it. And I cried when Kirk's dad died.

Ps write the fic. It could be about how they went out for the first time - "It feel it may be mutually beneficial for us to meet outside of academy hours."