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22 May 2009 @ 09:34 am
Fannish stuff  
The fresh raspberries on my oatmeal this morning were a great idea....in theory. In practice, even with the application of a little sugar, it seemed to bring out every ounce of sour in them.

Dear Criminal Minds,

DO NOT be killing of Hotch! He is the glue that holds the rest of them together and keeps everyone sane! He is the heart of the team, and there's a reason fandom at large often refers to him as "Mom". We have already seen the affects of burnout from working too long with the BAU. We have already seen the "serial killer targets nearly burnt out team leader" storyline. Been there, done that, don't need to revisit it, kthanx. In fact, it is not necessary to end EVERY SINGLE SEASON with a cliffhanger of possible character death. Really, it worked the first couple of times, but now it is just getting old and annoying!

Also, this episode? Ewwwwww. It ranks right up there with certain X-files episodes I will never watch again. I was going to be eating my dinner while I watched - yeah, not so much! It wasn't even all that graphic, but rather like the episode where the poor hiker girl got served up to the search and rescuers looking for her, it was grossly disturbing. I saw enough of pigs eating dead bodies on Deadwood, thanks, didn't need to see it again. Was it really necessary to show the guy eating from the pig's head? I think that's what pushed me over from "disturbing" to "nausea inducing".

Although all the CM team was spot on and as fun to watch as always. The 98 pairs of shoes all lined up? Wow. Yeah. A nicely chilling image.


Dear NCIS,

There were things I LOVED in these last few episodes. This show is almost always one of my favorites - I love the team dynamic, the chemistry they all have together, the blend of humor and case solving with bits of the character's personalities and lives. But I admit it, I'm a Tony/Ziva shipper. Ever since she was introduced to the show. There were bits and pieces in these last few episodes that pleased by shippy, fangirly heart to no end. (Tony on Rule #11 - "I would never date a coworker, boss - oh, wait, that's rule #12, isn't it?")

However. I just didn't buy that Ziva loved Rivkin after the two eps he was actually in. There wasn't enough on screen to sell it to me, to make her reaction to Tony killing him totally believable. She's worked side by side with Tony these last three, four years, calls him her "partner", was there for him with all the crap he went through with Jean, and yet she makes it sound like he gunned down Rivkin while he was helpless from a piece of glass in his side. She doesn't ever seem to acknowledge that Rivkin was trying to kill Tony - with that same piece of glass, as it happens. She showed less emotion about killing her half brother, Ari! I'm just not buying that she loved Rivkin so much, she's making these emotional judgments and leaps. Sure, maybe initially, but to still feel that way days later? Especially after finding out her father probably set Rivkin up to woo her.

I have already found an interview stating that Cote De Pablo is coming back next season, so I'm not worried about losing Ziva. But it says she "comes back a changed woman". What does that even mean?? After throwing us a Tony/Ziva bone, are they planning on taking it off the table?? It's going to be a long summer. :(

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