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02 June 2009 @ 09:15 am
So I didn't really watch this season of CSI as it aired. I knew what happened in last season's finale, and literally let it sit on my Tivo until this year started, because I knew it was going to be emotional, and I wasn't ready to watch it yet. But when S10 opened, I went ahead and watched the finale/opener, and predictably, cried. And then I sort of watched episodes up until when Grissom was leaving. Again, I didn't feel I was ready for another emotional episode, so I didn't watch. But now that TV is a wasteland of nothingness, I used Netflix and Xbox to catch up (in HD, no less! Very pretty! And that's not something one usually says about CSI.)

To my surprise, I actually really, really liked the episode(s) with Grissom leaving. Gris was done. Losing Warrick kind of broke him, and he was tired. Props to William Peterson for making me believe that so thoroughly, it made Grissom's leaving bittersweet, instead of just sad. Everyone got to say their good-bye to him, and at the end, he went to be with Sara! That was nice. See? Shows CAN remove characters without totally traumatizing the viewing audience every single time.

And to my absolute SHOCK, I actually really like the inclusion of Langston. WAY better than Riley, the weird new chick I haven't yet warmed to. I love Langston's background as a doctor and a professor, yet he's still struggling with this totally new career path. He's not replacing Grissom, because Catherine is (quite rightly after all these years) taking over supervising the team. In fact, he's a lowly CSI 1, where Greg started all those seasons ago. (And now Greg is a CSI 3 - do you remember when Nick and Warrick were promoted to CSI 3's??) I love his connection with Doc Robbins - they share an "office", a love of the blues, and a medical background. It's a new dynamic and I find it's breathing new life into a tired show, at least for me. I am actually looking forward to next season, which isn't something I could say last year.

Don't get me wrong. I loved Grissom. But I am happy thinking about him off examining South American bugs, or something. (And how awesome is it that Nick is following in his teacher's footsteps, paying his own way to a seminar on entymology? I see him writing the occasional bug query to Grissom in the future.)

Also, I cannot watch A Space Oddity too many times. The episodes with the lab rats are always awesome! It feels like we're seeing the lab rats in general more and more - yay! That has also helped win me back. Kudos to S10. I think it was a much needed improvement.
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ZJRwinterknight on June 2nd, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
I loved that episode where Grissom left. The fact that characters on the CSI shows grow and change is one of my favourite things about it. And the incurable romantic in me loved that he went to be with Sara. I loved her character, her plain beauty, her unfashionable hair, the way she felt like a real person and not a TV character. Same with Grissom. I loved Grissom's relationship with Warrick and his discovery of what he'd meant to Warrick. That made me so happy.

S10 was a champion season. It did a lot to reaffirm my love for the show and the characters, especially with the lab rats getting some face time.