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07 June 2009 @ 07:53 pm
...the sale is on!

Feel free to spread the word. In case you're curious as to WHY I'm having a sale, well, in part, because I got a flat tire this weekend.

Which led to me taking my car into Beggs Tires. 

Which led to a bunch of my Vegas money going, instead, to pay for four new tires.  Apparently I have an alignment problem, fairly significant, which led to the inner part of my tires shredding to nearly nothing.  SHREDDING.  Anyway.  I'd actually planned on having some sort of pre-Father's Day sale this month, even though jewelry is a girly thing - hey, who doesn't buy something for themselves when they go shopping??  But the whole new tire thing just factored into my 'kind of planning' and made it really happen. :D

The sale ends at 10:00am PST Wednesday morning. 

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