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28 July 2009 @ 10:08 am
Thank God for air conditioning!  
Yesterday's high temp: a record breaking 104. Today is supposed to match or exceed that. It's already 85.

Today I went back over the opening scene of the novella (which needs a title. At least a working title. Hmmm.) and cleaned it up a bit, adding some words here and there, deleting others. Now I'm moving forward with a minimum goal for the day of 2k, although I hope to get 3k in.

Since I tend to run long, and the maximum wordcount for this is 30K, I'm setting a goal of 25K and hoping I don't go over by too much. My history with short fiction has not been stellar, but a novella is somewhat longer than a short story, fortunately. I should be able to wrap this up in the words allotted.

Progress so far:

I'll probably do another progress post at the end of the day.

A question for those of you who've written novellas before. With the longer format, do you divide it into chapters, like a novel? Or is there some other format I'm less familiar with? If you do use chapters, are they shorter, or about the same length as a novel chapter? I guess I should have thought a bit more about the structure of the thing before diving in to this!
-peartreealley on July 28th, 2009 05:45 pm (UTC)
I commiserate on the unseasonable heat we're having up here in the PNW. M says he's sleeping on the couch the rest of the week because it's just too hot for two bodies in the bed. Not to mention the cats are puddles during the day because of the heat and it only gets cool enough (for values of cool that can be considered right now) at night, so they wake up and suddenly want pettings while we're writhing around uncomfortably trying to sleep.

Yeah, last night was awesome. I'm so tired.