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04 August 2009 @ 09:47 am
Drive by bullet list  
~ Have canceled roleplay night tonight, in favor of more words on the novella.

~ Due to a special set of circumstances I will never be able to detail, I am at this moment less stressed out than I have been for the past three years. Despite needing to get 15,000 words done by Friday. It's an odd feeling.

~ Is it wrong, that although my sister's baby is due literally any time now, and I really am excited to be an Auntie, my first thought this week is "Please don't let him/her be born until after this week is over, and the novella is submitted"?

~ I will be attending Norwescon this year, along with the husband, kistha and dthon. Not "I might be". I WILL be. I'm very excited. :)
Current Mood: workingworking