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06 August 2009 @ 10:17 pm
Well, I'm sitting decent at 16K.  Only 9K in the next three days, then Monday for revisions and the synopsis.  So far, beta response approves of my working title.

We almost have a novella in two weeks!

Today's snippet du jour:

“She’s my sister,” she said evenly, before he could say anything.  “She’s frightened, angry, and in shock.  I’m going.”

He didn’t have time to argue.  He was too busy ordering the flight deck and every airlock on the ship sealed off.  How in hell had some tech taken out Haggerty? 

He didn’t think he’d spoken aloud, but he must have, because Sanah answered him, her voice strangely calm as Dem led her into a lift, and used his ability to trigger the controls.

“He’s not your tech, not anymore.  It’s Niall.  I can feel him, his determination, his anger, the terror of the man he’s using.”  She sucked in a breath.  “I didn’t know he could do this.”

“He can’t get off the ship with her,” he said flatly. 

“I hope.” 

 “He won’t,” he promised.  He’d kill the tech and Niall both, first.

Seeing how colorless her face was, Dem reached out and brushed the back of his fingers over her cheek, surprising them both with the gesture.  Awareness flared immediately, that instant punch of heat that happened whenever he touched her.  He pulled his hand back, fingers curling into a fist at his side.

“You have terrible timing,” Sanah said, with a tense smile.

“Yes,” he agreed as the lift came to a stop.  “Stay behind me at all times, you understand?”

“I understand.”
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(Anonymous) on August 10th, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
From Paula:
I am anxiously awaiting my copy of the Novella.