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16 August 2009 @ 09:08 am
G.I. Joe  
Oh, Stephen Sommers, WHY?

Thanks for stomping all over my childhood.  If any more favorite series from the time come your way, for the love of all my childhood dreams, please JUST SAY NO.  You made Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen look like high art.  You made Ripcord ridiculous, you RUINED the Snake Eyes and Stormshadow dynamic.

Oh, and although this is the least of your crimes against her, WTH happened to Snake Eyes/Scarlett? 

Which brings me to the female characters.  I don't even have words.  THANKS FOR RUINING THEM SO COMPLETELY.  Let's see:

Before you try to create anymore kick ass female heroines, please review Buffy, BSG, Terminator 2, Sarah Connor Chronicles, or half a dozen other shows and/or movies over the past fifteen years. I would rec books, but after viewing Joe, I think that would be too complicated for you.

For kick ass female villains, please see Catwoman, Asajj Ventress (SW: The Clone Wars), again BSG, or, you know, the original Joe cartoon, which I begin to suspect you never actually watched.

Thank God you didn't include Lady Jaye in your ridiculously awful movie. 

No love,

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