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02 September 2009 @ 09:54 am
Spinning until I'm dizzy.  
Last night, I sent the body of the 'rejection' to my beta readers. This was a wise choice on my part, because while I'm all author-torn - "Woe, rejected!" vs. "But she liked it so much she asked for more!" - my beta readers are not troubled by such issues. The overwhelming response has been "OMG MADE OF WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST. REJECTION. EVER."

Which causes me to sit back and think, quite a lot.

I woke up this morning feeling sick - actually sick because I'm, what - excited? Overwhelmed? Maybe even a little nervous and stressed? But I ate some toast and peach jam, and now I'm feeling better and more practical about it all. I think. (Hey, I was the kid that used to get so excited on every birthday, I'd actually make myself throwing up sick. Yep, that was me.)

Any experienced author types who might have a moment to look at my last post and comment with advice, I'd be very grateful. (It's friends locked, so if you can't see it and want to, drop me a comment and friend me, and I'll friend you back.) But in the meantime, this is my working plan:

1. Finish the Nemesis rewrite. First of all, I should easily be able to accomplish this in the month of September. I've done the hardest part already. Second, I am very serious about getting this back to the agent(s) who want to see it. I want an agent. To me, it's not optional in this business. And in particular, I really like what I've seen so far from one of the agents in particular, and it would be awesome if I were lucky enough to get picked up by her. So, that was my first obligation, and I'm sticking to it.

But, when I send her the rewrite, I'll fill her in on some of what's happening with Veritas as well. ("So, I wrote this novella, and then....")

2. I will expand Veritas. I'm not sure a full 100K is there, but Samhain accepts novels from 60K up, so I'll just write it without a restriction and see what happens. There is a little overlap with characters, but not with main characters, and this novel would serve as backstory for the Nemesis trilogy. Except, you know, backstory I could potentially get paid for. Win/win. Plus, I'd learn what it's like to work with a major, experienced editor! I can't really fathom right now how much that will help me as a writer, but I'm guessing a LOT. Part of me thinks "If I'd known this was going to happen, I'd have written this other story over here, the one that takes place in the same universe as Nemesis, but doesn't cross over at all." Cause I have one of those circling around in the back of my brain. But on the other hand, Veritas really will help me develop parts of the universe that I won't get to until Consort, (sequel to Nemesis) otherwise. And I love the characters.

I am a little concerned that all space pirates! all the time! runs the risk of burning me out on them. I really, really don't want that. With Nemesis and the rewrite and everything, I've already been working on them for two years straight. I'd planned to take a break after the rewrite and do something else, maybe return to the world of Dark Vision, or do something else entirely. But if I'm expanding Veritas....

With that in mind, I do believe I'm going to query Dark Vision to the editor. It needs revising, but I still believe it's a great book just in need of tweaking. The beginning is the part that really needs it, so I'll get beta response to that and rewrite the first couple chapters, and go from there. The current draft isn't as tight as Nemesis, but duh, I wrote it two books ago, it's not going to be. What can it hurt, anyway? I've always said being able to flip flop between the two vastly different worlds and stories would be ideal, and here's my chance.

Of course, now the only thing holding me back is ME. What do I need to succeed? Sit butt in chair, write, write, write.

so, I'm off to do some of that for today, and I'll formulate a response to the editor after I've let all this simmer on the stove a bit.
Current Mood: excitedexcited
celli on September 3rd, 2009 12:44 am (UTC)
*hugs* You are made of AWESOME.
Dragonsinger: Gerry - sky_fitsheavendragonsinger on September 3rd, 2009 01:33 am (UTC)
Haven't read the last post yet, but wanted to tel you to keep going. That "sit butt in chair" thing is always my downfall. Well, that and messing with the internet.:)

We will do this!