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24 September 2009 @ 10:46 am
Criminal Minds  
So far this season, the premieres of my returning shows are living up to all my expectations and more.

~ What?? Where is Hotch, why are we starting over here??

Oh, I see. the team doesn't know anything is wrong yet.

Nice way to leave us in suspense.

~ It's so nice to see everyone. Reid, Prentiss, JJ, Morgan, Garcia, Dave - you all look wonderful. I love Emily's new, longer hair. Now where the heck is Hotch??

~ *drums fingers*

~ Oh, good, Emily is going to check out Hotch's apartment. Finally.

~ FYI, Haley reacted to a bunch of armed people invading her house exactly as I would. I like this actress; unfortunately, they often make Haley out to be kind of bitchy. In this ep, she was good - protective, worried about both her son and her ex-husband, angry at what's happening, but also scared and trying to do the best thing for her son. (I really wish they hadn't killed off her alter ego, the British agent Hotch had a thing for once upon a time. That was a cool character.) There was a moment, when she asked about Hotch when I wondered if they might not go a direction that gets them back together. But then when she's in his hospital room, all angry and helpless about how this is still running her life and Jack's, I thought "nope, no way in hell."

Too bad.

Particularly because HOTCH BROKE MY HEART in this. I cried, i died a little bit inside for him. {{Hugs Hotch}}

~ First he lied to his team about what happened. (Which is not surprising.) He's been raped, whether literally or metaphorically, and robbed of the thing he cares about most (his family). The team's Mom just became the most broken among them. Oh, show.

~ Then he made me cry when he talked to Jack. "Are you okay, Daddy?" No, Jack, Daddy is very not okay. But Hotch puts a brave face on it while not answering the question.

I wonder how long the family will have to be in Witness Protection? Hotch is right; this guy is going to disappear, because torturing Hotch is just as satisfying to him as killing. This is going to be a rough season.

~ Reid was very brave, telling everyone how fine he was while insisting they help other people.

I had no idea while watching this ep that Matthew Gubler (Reid) was injured and therefore couldn't stand - apparently his knee was broken in a way that was even more epic than my husband's shattered heel of a few years back - he's got him beat in surgeries, at least - three to Mark's two, and in time putting zero weight on the injured appendage - four months to Mark's three. Still, I feel these situations are similar enough to offer my heartfelt and understanding sympathies (not that he'll ever know). I lived with Mark through that, and let me tell you. It was not fun for either of us. We were engaged at the time, and I still remember my mother saying "Well, if you can survive this, you can survive anything!"

Dr. Erkela was a very no-nonsense sort. He looked at Mark and said "This is life changing injury. If you do exactly as I say, you may get most of your range of motion back - you'll be able to run and do your martial arts and ski and all the things you love. If you don't do what I say, good-bye active lifestyle."

Mark did everything he said. On one of his checkup appointments towards the end of the 90 days of zero weight on the foot, period, the doctor asked him "So, how much have you been hobbling around on the foot?"
Mark stared at him sort of bemused. "You said not to put any weight on it."
Doctor: "Right, but people never follow that advice. How much did you cheat?"
Mark: "None. You said life changing injury. I did exactly what you said."
The doctor was pleasantly surprised and very pleased. Mark recovered faster than most people with that injury, one of the fastest the doctor had ever seen, and because he worked at it and followed the doctor's instructions to the letter.

But it wasn't fun, and it still aches and hurts to this day, especially when the weather changes or he's on it too much. Not as bad as when he still had titanium screws and a plate in his foot, though.

So, my sympathies to Matthew Gubler. May his knee recover with enough speed and success to impress the doctor!
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lizardbeth: Lizardbeth - T1000lizardbeth_j on September 24th, 2009 06:50 pm (UTC)
oh really? I didn't know that about Gubler. No wonder they had him shot in the leg like that. It was a strangely disabling shot for a tv character, but I didn't guess at all the real reason. Well played, show.

And yes, that whole story with Hotch was just heart-breaking. He'd already thought it through that he might not see Jack or Haley again since he'd become the designated plaything. *sniffle* (and jesus, when Reaper was going on about how stabbings are symbols for rape, I totally had the moment's fear that he was going to say something like, "let's just skip all the symbolism." *shudder* only this show would make me believe they might actually go there, even briefly).

And poor Garcia, trying to keep it from Morgan and just about two steps from losing it. And Emily.. and gah! DISTRESSING.

It must be really common for people not to follow directions from their doctor. Kidlet's surgeon was also shocked by how diligently we obeyed her instructions and how well it healed. *shakes head* Jeez, people.
Tessa Gratton: Hotch decided to save your lifetessagratton on September 24th, 2009 07:13 pm (UTC)
They totally went there. Foyet's lines don't make any sense at all if he was only using a knife. When he was all "you think stabbing is for killers who can't get it up, well how does this change the way you think? maybe I'll make you change the way you profile..."

If he was just using a knife, it doesn't work, logically. Plus, they showed him removing clothes, and what he said about "relax, it goes in easier." That also doesn't really make sense with a knife. Sure, they didn't show anything definitive, but they got as close as they can on network TV.

I'm 100% in the boat of Hotch was literally raped. They've done it before, too. Morgan was raped by another man when he was a kid, so we know they'll go there. It's precedent.
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on September 24th, 2009 07:43 pm (UTC)
oh you're probably right. I thought he was saying that he stabbed for the artistry of it, not for the rape symbol of it, because he also went on about how he'd learned to stab without killing anyone. But he did take off his clothes, and it does make sense.

*wibble* poor Hotch.
Tessa Grattontessagratton on September 24th, 2009 07:45 pm (UTC)
I tend to always think the worst with Criminal Minds. The writers are evil geniuses. Emphasis on evil. *shudder*
rhienellethrhienelleth on September 24th, 2009 08:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, I really felt for Garcia when she lied to Morgan. They have such a special relationship; you could tell she hated lying to him, but also didn't want to distress him in the middle of an op.
The Mad Lori: TV:  Nerd Now Available in Sexymadlori on September 24th, 2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
Gubler's Twitter stream is very entertaining, and he often tweets about Adventures in Knee Injuries. After his last surgery (which was like last week) he tweeted how amazing it felt to even put the tiniest amount of weight on his leg, and every step was like Christmas.

He also seems to take perverse pleasure in showing us unflattering pictures of himself. :-)