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12 October 2009 @ 06:49 pm
Weekend bullet list  
 Spent a very satisfying three day weekend.  There's really only one way to tell it - a bullet list!

~ Saw my new baby niece again!  I shall upload  a photo of her cute self soon.  My sister and fam came down to visit my Grandpa and introduce him to Rosalia.  I haven't been to see him since my Grandmother's memorial, and while I know his sons and daughters have been regular visitors and keeping him busy, I could feel the loneliness there in the house, and Mark and I have resolved to visit more frequently.  I love my Grandpa a lot.  It hurts to see him lonely.

Later, Rhien!Sis brought Rose over to our place and we spent a quiet evening.  I gifted her w/a crockpot to make cooking easier (I was appalled to find she didn't have one.) And, of course, gave her more cute little outfits I'd found on clearance.  

~ I finished a milestone of the Nemesis rewrite!  I am officially halfway, and the chapters are now whizzing by, finally.  I anticipate finishing, if not this week, then certainly very shortly thereafter.  *does dance of joy*

~ Some friends from up north spent the past week in one of my all time favorite places - Disneyland!  On the drive home, they stopped off here last night and stayed over.  It was one of those fun, warm times when you wish people could stay longer.  Very good, indeed.

~ Um.  I think that is all?  It was a good weekend, if not much really Got Done.  :D
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