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19 October 2009 @ 09:49 am
We saw Where the Wild Things Are, and sorry to disagree with the rest of the world, apparently, but I thought it was kind of terrible! Pretty images and good acting were pretty much the only good things I can say about it. Sloooooooooooooow, and so "artistic" in its filming as to bury the point. I get that the book is only like ten lines long, and therefore they had to do something to flesh it out long enough for a full length movie. But Geezus H. Roosevelt, this was slow! The beginning are all these bits of Max's life, designed I guess for us to get to know him and his relationship(s) with his Mom and sister. Okay. But I kept expecting each temper tantrum to be THE one. But it wasn't, and we went on to the next scene, and the next....and oh, finally! And then when he gets to the island, there are lots and lots of scenes of just....watching stuff, I guess. Watching the wild things, watching the scenery, watching Max in the scenery...and then the point of the wild things being representative of Max's inner anger and his sister and his Mom....okay, I get that. But it was so sort of slow and convoluted and unclear. Halfway through, Mark turned to me and said "No kid on the planet is going to get this." Then the big "epiphany" Max supposedly has about his anger...um...I guess it was there. If you looked for it, and knew it was coming.

But the real cherry on top is the big change they did from the book. So, in the book, Max gets sent to his room (I think without any dinner, but I don't remember for sure) for being a"wild thing" and chasing the dog with a fork. He's all pissed off at first, and goes on this journey in his imagination, where he eventually learns to appreciate home, and that being a wild thing all the time isn't so great. In the movie, he bites his Mom on the shoulder, and runs away and has his adventure in his imagination. After his supposed revelation in the end, he comes back home, and his Mom is so overjoyed he's okay, she sits him down at the table with a big ol' slice of chocolate cake. He gets rewarded for his behavior. Seriously? I get being happy your kid is okay, but there still needs to be a punishment for biting your Mom.

The book rules - hey, my personal checks are all images from the book, and have been for years. But the movie? Honestly, I wish I could get those two hours of my life back. And I definitely won't be owning it on dvd.

ETA: We followed this family of five out of the theater, and the wife turns to the husband and says "Did you understand that? Cause I thought it was confusing!" And the 4-year-old little girl walking with them says "I was confused, mama!"

Yeah, you and me both, kid. I'm sure the movie will win all kinds of awards. *rolls eyes*

We also saw Couple's Retreat. Not quite the funny show the previews made it out to be. Sure, there were funny bits, but it was more about marriage and living life as a couple and what it takes to stay married. I actually really enjoyed it. The two couples it really centered on were Vince Vaughn and his 'wife', and Jason Bateman and his. The other two were really just kind of foils, and their stories were slapped together at the end really quick because "Oh, we better finish their stories, too!"

The storyline with JB and Veronica Mars Kristen Bell really hit home. Their marriage was falling apart because they couldn't have kids. At one point in the movie, she gets fed up with his super anal, controlling ways, and yells at him (while she's crying) that she's tired of it, and she can't control this, or that, and especially can't control/change that she can't have children. And I thought, wow, yeah, that.

Mark and I have actually been driven closer through out scenario, but it's one or the other - it either brings you closer, or it drives you apart. And it's always going to be this specter in your marriage.

In reality, I actually feel Mark and I are more like Vince Vaughn's character and his wife (Dave and Ronnie) - doing pretty darn well, but capable of taking each other for granted sometimes. There's this scene where Dave and his friends have made it to the other side of the resort, the "singles" side, where everything is a big party all the time! And Joey wants to go party with the twenty-somethings. He and his wife are on the brink of divorce, and both looking to hook up with other people. And Joey doesn't understand why Dave doesn't want to party, too (he wants Dave to be as excited as he is, so he can feel good about what he's doing). And Vince Vaughn says something like "You know, if partying and drinking is what you want to do, go ahead. Go do that. But I already did that in my twenties, and I got married so I'd have someone to live my life with, and I'm going to go find her." He said it much better than that. It was actually this really good, simple, yet kind of profound statement. It made the whole movie, that moment.

Marriage is hard. Anyone who says differently is selling something. But I wouldn't trade it in to return to the single life.

Other than that, we didn't do much this weekend. I cooked a lot. I made pancakes for breakfast, and homemade ravioli for dinner. I did a lot of dishes. :) Mark was sick, so I spent the better part of my weekend babying him.
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"Connoisseurs of Difficulty"kistha on October 19th, 2009 06:55 pm (UTC)
I can so tell you are reading Diana Gabldon. :D

By the swearing choice!

rhienelleth: James Fraser - crymeariver_rhienelleth on October 19th, 2009 06:57 pm (UTC)
Hee :) Yes!

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