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26 October 2009 @ 10:05 am
Is it Monday already?  
friends?skip=180 this morning.

I didn't check LJ all weekend, as we were visiting friends in Seattle. A very fun time was had by all! Some costuming brainstorming for Norwescon, some xbox, some good food and excellent conversation. Good times!

We went to a really neat costume shop up there that had tons of cool looking stuff, including some fake scar material that had kistha very excited. I picked up some good costuming make up that should prove very useful.

On our way home, we stopped off at the Cabelas retail location in that neighborhood, and picked up the boy some special hunting weather gear - basically, pants and coat designed to keep one mostly warm and dry, while still being mostly silent as he moves through trees and brush. He was very excited. I was more than happy to spend the money, mostly because I am very soft hearted, and the thought of him shivering and being wet and cold for a week out in the middle of nowhere, where they might get rain, snow, or both at any given time, made me cringe.

But even I have to admit, the Cabelas store was pretty freakin' neat. It puts all other sporting goods stores I have been in, in regards to camping, hiking, or hunting, to shame.

In other news, I am busy working on the rewrite this morning. The end of the month looms ever near.

I'm also expecting a Rio delivery today. For those who don't know, Rio is one of the major jewelry supply wholesalers I frequent. I ordered a couple of new items - some faceted stones, and materials for setting them, and some new pattern wire for ring shanks. Be expecting to see some stuff this week, while the boy is gone elk hunting. If the setting faceted stones thing works out, I may be moving more in that direction. We'll see!
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