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31 October 2009 @ 01:20 pm
 So.  Sick.  Fever.  Headache.  Sore throat.  Sinuses might as well be clogged with cement.  I have waves of 'too hot', followed by chills that give me goosebumps.  I get lightheaded if I attempt to physically do...pretty much anything.  

I was going to clean house today, and Rhien!Sis was supposed to pack up Rhien!Niece and bring her down for a visit tomorrow. :(  I don't think any of that will happen now.

In other news (of irony), I got my Swine Flu inoculation yesterday.  I was only in the "sore throat" stage of my cold, and the lady said it was fine so long as I a) wasn't on any antibiotics, and b) didn't have a fever.  At the time, I didn't.  But by yesterday afternoon, I could tell I did, and now it is definitely full blown.  Blah.  

But, at least I got the shot, which I only did for my baby niece.  Flu shots have never before eclipsed my fear of needles.  Guess it just takes a cute little baby to make me push past that.
Current Mood: sicksick