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23 November 2009 @ 09:42 am
In fannish news...  

All caught up on SPN.


Dear Kripke,

WTH?? Ok, so sure, the Convention episode had some funny bits. But have you ever attended a SPN con? Talked to the guys about one? Were the majority of con-goers men? Hmmm? I think no. And having the annoying Becky as the lone female fan is....kinda insulting. I feel insulted.

The ep could've been a lot better.

I did enjoy the TV-land episode, rather a lot. My favorite bits were the Grey's Anatomy set and the CSI: Miami spoof. Dude, Jared must have STUDIED Horatio Caine, because his body language, how he spoke, his gestures - it was so funny I rewound it and watched again. Jensen was not nearly as accurate in his portrayal, but it was still fun. :D

But. Now we get to Abandon All Hope.


That episode was a good episode. It was.

But it's really hard for me to get past the fact that you killed Jo and Ellen. I bet, if it wasn't for this show's constant mysogynistic treatment of female characters - mostly killing them all off, again and again - I would've felt the episode was a lot stronger. Because, instead of saying "HOLY SHIT JO AND ELLEN SACRIFICED THEMSELVES FOR THE CAUSE, FOR SAM AND DEAN!", I'm saying "GOD DAMN IT, JO AND ELLEN ARE FUCKING DEAD."

I cried when Jo died and Ellen was left holding her, waiting for the hellhounds. But I bet I'd have balled if I wasn't simmering with anger at the same time. And this is me, someone who's largely managed to ignore the show's constant mistreatment of female characters by telling myself "It's the Sam and Dean show - and after all, they've killed off every side character except for Bobby now, (and they better not kill him!)"

But no, this was the last fucking straw. Castiel saves himself in time to save Dean and Sam, but not in time to save Jo and Ellen. Having him trapped in that circle was a pretty obvious Convenience of Writing to remove him from the story, so you could sacrifice the women. What's the point of having an angel on the good guys side, anyway? What has Cas done to really help the boys (or their allies)?

This ep made me really, really sad. Especially since through the haze of anger, I could see how that final scene with Jo and Ellen carried a lot of emotional weight. How cool and shocking it could have been, if it hadn't been set up so clearly by the show's trend of killing off female characters. At least Dean was messed up by Jo getting shredded by the hound. Thanks for writing that in, because if you hadn't...

But still. I'm still mad enough to wish you a hearty fuck you. I'm still going to watch. But last season, and now this season, are letting me down again...and again...I'm getting pretty concerned at this very telegraphed "Sam vs. Dean!" final battle. I really hope you don't go there. I'm really afraid you're going to. *sigh*

No love,
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Dragonsinger: Jo thinking - featherjeandragonsinger on November 23rd, 2009 06:45 pm (UTC)
Agreed on all points. I don't know what the show's problem is with female characters.

Looking at it from a story standpoint, you're right. It could have been much stronger. But they didn't have a good emotional build up. Except for one episode this season, Jo and Ellen have been MIA since season 2. They seemed randomly in this episode. And they didn't seem to have anything else to do except get killed. Bad writing, people.

Patron Saint of Pessimismwoodrunner on November 23rd, 2009 09:42 pm (UTC)
Ditto on everything. I was mad when they killed Jo and Ellen. I really liked Jo.

Maybe we should write our own Supernatural script with Dean and Sam as women, and see how long they last...