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24 November 2009 @ 11:29 am
Maybe this is already widespread knowledge among Firefly fans, and I'm out of the loop, but it's funny the things you can discover by researching civl war era clothing.

For instance, I'm looking up ruffles, and what comes up, but Scarlett O'Hara's famous "ruffle gown".

Looks familiar, huh? I thought so, too. In fact, I looked at it, blinked, and went "Holy cow! That's Kaylee's Shindig gown!"

Pictoral evidence:

In fact, except for the color and lack of belt, I'd say it's a pretty accurate reproduction. Very similar sleeves, bodice, and ruffles.

Kaylee was wearing a Scarlet O'Hara dress, to a party much like the sort Scarlet used to attend. Hee!

Now I really want to make a ruffle dress!
Current Mood: tv-firefly, costuming, sewing