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07 December 2009 @ 10:12 am
Of conventions, costumes and cookies!  
Can you believe it's already week 2 of December?? Me, either.

Thank you, thank you, everyone who sent me virtual snowflake cookies! Yummy. :D

So, I may have mentioned I'll be attending Norwescon this year. Well, the friends that visited us this past weekend are a couple Mark and I met at a writing convention, ironically, who have since become very good friends. He (the writer of the pair) is one of my crit partners, while his wife is one of my beta readers, a fellow costumer, and just really one of my BFFs. There are circumstances of irony around how and why we all met that I won't go into, but the point of this is to say that they are also going to Norweson, and a couple of weeks ago, we found out our third writer/crit partner is also going to come with her spouse, even though they have to travel a much, much greater distance!

Also, the partner-in-crime who got me into costuming in the first place is going to go, so she can experience all of the costuming-related things the con has to offer. This past weekend was largely about costume planning/strategy, because OMG April is so close! And we have between us six major costumes to complete! *freaks out a little*

But it will be okay. No problem. Definitely time to buckle down, though.

L, kistha and I are costuming as a set. So, two sets of three. The first set all have to match pretty much exactly, except for color. Same fabric, etc. To that end, we decided to go with dupioni silk. It's lightweight, breathable, and looks fantastic. I ordered it from a wholesaler in two separate orders, the first of which is already here. I just got the notification of the second shipment shipping to me (yes, with those swatches we wanted included, kistha), so I will shortly be swimming in approximately 42 yards of silk! Mmmmmm. Silk.

Our second set of costumes are going to be a little more challenging. While definitely a "set" that needs to be similar in style, they don't have to match exactly, and we've decided to go with Victorian bustle gowns. Not steampunk. I know that's all the rage right now, and that fact made us stop and consider if we want to go this route, largely because our costumes are not steampunk, and we don't want to create confusion. But with the gorgeous masks kistha will be making for us, there shouldn't be any doubt of what we actually are. The first set of costumes, while fabulous, are the more "fun" group. This second set are supposed to be the "OMG SO AWESOME!" ones. We'll see how that goes as things come together. I am very excited at the prospect of bustle making, however. :D I may post construction pics as we go.

Costuming aside, I am very much looking forward to attending a big con like this for the first time (I have attended smaller writing cons, but nothing on the scale of Norwes). I'm looking forward to meeting crit partner #3 in person, and to being able to spend some time talking with both her and dthon. Not to mention attending panels, meeting new people, etc. I'm not sure I'll be sleeping at all while there, but I'm told that's pretty normal.

My goal for December: finish the under/overskirts for costume set #1. Buy chiffon for the cloaks, and figure out how to give them a suitable shredded look.

But now, time to write!
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