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16 December 2009 @ 10:52 am
Wednesdays always need more coffee.  
Sorry about the fic spam yesterday, guys. I still have one more to upload (the stand alone An Exercise in Control), but I'm still looking for my copy. *sigh*

It sure did make me all nostalgic, uploading that fic. I even went looking for some new icons, because I realized having all of two Sark icons and no Sydney ones when I have free space for about 50 is just plain wrong.

Truth be told, Illusions kinda makes me wince now, in some places. But I don't have time to go back and revise it while I'm working on the novel. And I'm not sure I should. I mean, I won't be able to go back seven (!!) years later and revise a book after it comes out, so perhaps old fic just needs to stay old fic.

I already hold tickets for the 7:00pm showing of Avatar on Friday. In 3-D, largely because that's the only way our local stadium theater is showing it. *shrugs* I bought tickets on Sunday, after we watched The Princess and the Frog, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It didn't have that magic for me that most of the princess movies do, but I think a huge piece of that was setting it in modern (well, 1920's) times. I still enjoyed it a lot, and thought Disney did a good job with the material, and I really liked how independent and strong Tiana was, but...it lacked that magic something extra for me. Beauty and the Beast still holds the number one favorite spot in my list of Disney princess movies. :)

Anyway, Avatar. The girl behind the counter asked if the tickets were for students, and I wasn't really paying attention to the question and said "yes", then caught myself and was like "Um, no. I have no idea why I said that." (Neither of using having been students in some time, although I've often thought teachers deserve a break, too.) And she was all nice and gave us the tickets at the $3 off per ticket student price anyway. So, 3-D for $10 a ticket! (When we saw A Christmas Carol at a matinee showing, they charged us $21, and I was all "We asked for two tickets, not three!" and the lady was like "That is the price for two tickets. 3-D is more expensive." OMG, I guess so!)

I am very excited to see Avatar, and hope it lives up to my expectations. The score, btw, is already in my hands (and on my ipod). It is quintessential James Horner work, but soft and beautiful. I'll see about uploading a sample track or two and posting them.

Back to work writing. And more coffee!
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The Mad Lorimadlori on December 16th, 2009 07:28 pm (UTC)
You know that it was your Sarkney stories that led me to friend you, yes? So I was thrilled to see them again. Vaughn = yawn in my book. Gimme Sark any day. I hated what they did to his character by making him moon after Lauren and god knows what.
rhienelleth: sark spy -- midnightdream__rhienelleth on December 16th, 2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
Actually, if I did know that, I'd totally forgotten it. :D

Yes, what they did to Sark in season 3...yeah, no. I've blocked most of that from my memory. S2 Sark is THE Mr. Sark, period.