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15 January 2010 @ 08:23 am
The first day of the rest of my life  
 Thank you so much to everyone who responded to my last post.  Really, truly, thank you.  I appreciate it so much.  Yesterday was this strange mix of people at work being sympathetic and angry on my behalf (I can't tell you how many Feds came through to tell me how they think this is all so much BS) and other people pretending nothing was wrong and not looking directly at me (mostly the contractors I work with), as though not making the transfer and being consequently laid off were catching.  

My boss was super nice and obviously feeling terrible about it all.  At about 3:00pm, which is 6:00pm back East where all the Big Bosses are, he received a personal phone call the Mr. Boss who is in charge of this entire transfer.  Mr. Boss has NEVER spoken to my boss before, and he called him up personally and mentioned me by name, telling him which sub-contractor they think I should send my resume to (part of the problem in all of this is that no one seems to know which sub the admin positions are going to fall on).  While not a guarantee, this is encouraging news.  (Although I haven't heard great things about this particular sub contractor, but hey, who knows?)

Someone is obviously rattling some cages over this, which makes me feel a little better.  I'm not forgotten the moment I'm out the door.

Then my boss let me leave an hour and a half early, and helped me carry out my stuff out, and hugged me and said how it was a good six years, which it was.  I got a little teary (actually, I cried several times over the course of the day).  

So, today is the first day of waking up and having no where to go.  I woke with a migraine this morning.  Not exactly surprising.  It's mostly gone now, and I'm about to go and fill out my unemployment paperwork.  In the meantime, I'll catch up on Wednesday night's tv, and then make some jewelry today.  I want to write, too, but I'm not sure I'm in the right frame of mind.  Apparently, my current mood is making itself known in my face, my body language, my voice, and my writing (so says one of my best friends.)  I don't want to hurt Nemesis with it.  

I promise, my pity party won't go on forever.  I will post about something else soon - maybe even today.  I know there are so many worse off right now.  I am grateful for what I have.  And hey, I should be able to finish those revisions to Nemesis right up now!  :D
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Queen of the Skiesqueenoftheskies on January 15th, 2010 04:27 pm (UTC)
There's nothing wrong with feeling bad over losing a job. It's a huge transition, especially when you've been with a company as long as you have.


I hope you can enjoy your time off and find another position soon.
Ambassador of  Awesome: hug a goldfishamphetamine_47 on January 15th, 2010 04:49 pm (UTC)

Hope everything works out for you, dear!
Dragonsinger: Anna - Original Storydragonsinger on January 15th, 2010 06:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, man, I'm sorry. (((HUGS))) I know you're not in the right frame of mind right now, but when you feel better, I hope you can finish Nemesis and start submitting it again.:)