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21 January 2010 @ 09:06 pm
Oh, Vampire Diaries, how I missed you!  
~ Damon rescuing Elena.  Elena so scared she's crying, because she's so relieved to see him, of all people.  "I look like her."


~ Uh-oh, Bonnie lost her powers when all that mojo went down!  Hmm, haven't seen Caroline yet.  Wonder what she's up to.

~ Road trip!  With Damon!  

"Am I safe with you?"
"Promise me you won't do that thing with my mind?"
" Yes."
"Can I trust you?"
"Get in the car."

~ Zoe!  She'll always be Zoe to me.  But the really important thing here is, Damon had a relationship twenty years ago with not!Bonnie.  Come on, you all were thinking it, too.  I think this prior relationship is showing us what sort of woman Damon is attracted to (when she's not Katherine, of course.)  

~ Hmm.  Where is Bonnie, exactly?  Katherine's tomb, perhaps?

~ "This nice act, is any of it real?"

Anyone else catch that "Mmm-hmm." from Damon?

~ Okay, Jeremy does not sound like any high school kid I've EVER heard, talking about allegorical vampires.

~ Oh, Bonnie.  I'd be scared, too, stuck down some old pit that's probably a tomb, sealed with witchcraft.  Oh, and without any powers or a working cell phone.  But Bonnie, like all the girls on this show, is delightfully proactive, even when totally scared.  Of course, it didn't help her much, but still.  And that vampire who leaped down and grabbed her from behind better not have been Stefan, because if it was, what kind of lame move was that??  

OMG, Stefan you MORON.  You couldn't have leaned over the hole in the ground and said her name?  You had to scare the crap out of her?

Also, I think I see where this episode is going with Bonnie - Stefan helping her, and showing her a side of vampires that isn't totally f-ing psychotically scary.  

WAIT. HOLD THE PHONE.  There are multiple vampires in that tomb??  How many is "they"?  Did I know that from show-canon already, and just not remember?

Bonnie: "Are they in pain?"  Oh, sweetie.  I love Bonnie. :D

~ So far, I'm liking Annie okay.  It's good to see Jeremy out being a normal high school guy.

~ Oh, Damon.  Getting Elena drunk is part of what plan?  Just wondering.

~ Oooooooh.  Story continuity!  Lexi's BF.  Elena begging for Damon's life.  I wonder if she has any idea why?  This whole sequence was verrrrry interesting.  It's one of those many moments this show has, where you know what's happening has layered, deeper meanings, moments where I invariably, happily think "Brilliant!" while I'm watching.  Lexi's BF is a reflection of what can happen when a vampire and a human fall in love.  Elena finds she really doesn't want Damon to die - that alone is very intriguing.

~ Aaaand then Damon kills Bree.  Of course he does.  She tried to have him killed.  

~ Oh, Bonnie's Grandma knew Stefan way back when!

~ OMG.  The plot thickens!  Stefan was there when Elena's parents died!  He saved her life.  Of course he did.  (This is a staple of YA fiction w/supernatural types.  Not just vampires.)  And then he goes on and confesses to months of stalking her, watching her, etc.  Um, in this moment, Stefan, you're sounding a little too much like another vampire "hero" popular right now.  I don't like it!  Stop.

Elena is adopted?  Huh.  I don't remember the books ever explaining why Elena looked so much like Katherine.  I'm glad the show plans to.

~ And we get backstory for Alaric.  Nice!  Damon, you are so, so bad.

Previews: "so, what is this like a threesome now?"  HAHAHAHAHA!  Why yes, Caroline, it is.  I'm personally hoping Damon doesn't spend the entire series fixated on Elena, however.  That would make a nice deviation from the books, if he could express some interest in, say, Bonnie, and actually keep it there.  

Well, that was fun.  I don't think there has been a single episode of this show that hasn't had at least one "brilliant" moment for me, a single episode I've been "meh" about.  I can't wait for it to come to DVD, so I can rewatch it in blu ray. I think this just might be my favorite show currently on television.  Well, except for Chuck.  Chuck rocks. And Criminal Minds has been pretty awesome lately, too.  Hmm.  Well, one of my favorites, certainly.  :D
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a 1930s screwball comedy with robots: TVchaneen on January 22nd, 2010 05:18 am (UTC)
There are multiple vampires in that tomb?? How many is "they"? Did I know that from show-canon already, and just not remember?

Yeah, they've mentioned it before. I can't remember which episodes ATM, but at some point, it's revealed that Katherine died in a fire in the old church, and in one of the episodes (maybe the one with the Founders' Day Party?), there is a conversation about the people who died in that fire. I'm pretty sure it's between Damon and someone, and it reveals that a whole bunch of people were trapped in the church and that they were all vampires. We find this out way before the whole Emily Bennett storyline starts, so somewhere in the first few episodes.
a joyful girl getting loud: [tvd] pull your little arrows outperi_peteia on January 22nd, 2010 07:39 am (UTC)
They mention the church fire multiple times throughout the series, most notably in episode four (Family Ties) when Damon explains it to Elena. However, it's in the context of how it's this story of what happened on the night of the original Founder's Day Party aka a bunch of "innocent people" were trapped in the church and burned for being Union sympathizers.

Then in episode nine, History Repeating, after Damon has explained to Stefan that he struck a bargain with Emily so that she would save Katherine, Damon, Stefan, and Emily-possessed-Bonnie discuss the ~with one comes all~ clause of the spell. And that's the first time it's explicitly revealed that there are 27 vampires still being preserved in the church.

Not that I've watched like every episode of TVD multiple times and History Repeating especially or anything.