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04 March 2010 @ 04:22 pm
Hmm, not a disaster, but...  
 Meatloaf verdict: too much HdP.  While that spice adds a great flavor to my pot roast, it's "too much" for meatloaf.  But otherwise moist and yummy.  Ketchup cures all. :D

Next time I'll add more worcestershire, maybe more beefy onion soup mix, no seasonings in the bread crumbs.

Also, I bought a case of glass bottle "made in mexico" coke at Costco the other day - made in Mexico means they used real cane sugar, not HFCS, although the "bad stuff" about corn syrup turns out probably not to be so bad, these days, I still think there's a taste difference.  Just like there's a taste difference between an aluminum canned pop, and glass bottled.  However, that's some definite sugar and calories.  In general, I don't much like the flavor of diet pop since I went on that elimination diet a year ago.  Plus, sugar substitutes are really bad for you.  I just limit myself to a single bottle of coke a day, if I have one at all.