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 I could be happy watching Timothy Olyphant read the phonebook...or better, paint a house...so clearly, watching him act in his own series is pretty much awesomesauce for me.  

I am a little concerned that he might end up being typecast after Deadwood and this, because it would be a shame if he stopped playing characters like Hollywood Jack (A Man Apart), or Kelly (The Girl Next Door), but...I can't really complain too much.  :)  Because characters like Raylen Givens are certainly right up his my alley!

And also, it's Shane!  Hi Shane. :)  It's perfectly lovely to see you again.  How funny is it that I'm thrilled to see him, despite what a completely despicable character he was in The Shield?  Okay, so perhaps he was a little pitiable, too.  Actually, that show excelled at making despicable characters sympathetic.  And Walton Goggins is an awesome actor.  (Maybe someday he'll get to play a good guy, LOL.)

And now, 

Raylen: "Guess I never thought of myself as an angry man."

His ex-wife gives him an incredulous look full of sympathy, because while he might not have figured this out about himself yet, she has known for a long time.  I would guess it's one of the reasons they didn't work.

Winona: "Raylen, you do a good job of hiding it.  I suppose most folks don't see it, but, honestly?  You're the angriest man I've ever known."

Raylen is totally mystified and a little hurt by this statement.  Ah, Raylen.  

Maybe it's just me.  I guess I like angry men like you. :D  (As opposed to angry men like the bad guys in this episode.)

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere of Justified.  Looks like another awesome show for FX (following both The Shield and Damages.)  I am sad Timothy Olyphant won't be returning to the latter, but since it means I get to see him as the lead in his own show every week, I'll get over it. 
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