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27 March 2010 @ 09:45 pm
Relaxation time.  
 After eight and a half straight hours of sewing today, I am now sitting down to some fantastic sushi and a vodka tonic.  The sushi place just down the hill from us finally opened, and since the grocery store is in the same little shopping complex, I was able to get some tonic water and limes.  And I picked the husband up a small pepperoni from the "gourmet" pizza place we've never tried right next to the new sushi place.  Turns out, they also have regular pizza the husband will eat, and damn if that pepperoni doesn't look amazing.  

Of course, I'm sticking to my fantastic sushi.  The lady behind the counter talked me into trying their blackened tuna roll - eight pieces for $5, and wow, it is yummy.  I also got my "usual" tempura shrimp roll and unagi nigiri (fresh water eel - mmmmmm.)  

I am in a nice place of bliss, at the moment.

Oh, before I sign off, we saw How to Train Your Dragon yesterday evening.  What a fantastically adorable movie.  I actually want to see it in the theater again, I liked it so much.  Usually I only say that about Pixar CGI animated movies.  
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