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07 May 2010 @ 08:36 am
 Pretty, pretty show!  They picked a really good actress to play Isobel.  She and Nina look very alike, and IDK if she studied Nina's speech patterns, but even how she speaks is very similar.  Well done, TVD.

Driving up in a rented car, getting out wearing that leather jacket, for a second there, I was having Sark flashbacks when watching David Anders...oh, wait, it lasted longer than a second, as he went inside and promptly got beaten down by Irina Isobel.  Oh, TVD, I loved you before you cast Julian Sark on the show!  How much more do I love you now??

 This little connection that has formed between Damon and Elena, I heartily approve of.  It humanizes Damon, and you know, Stefan and Elena are cute together, but a little emotional conflict never hurt any TV couple.  

Elena: "I don't have a choice."

Alaric: "Isobel will go on a killing spree."

Damon: "I take it that's not okay with you guys?"

Oh, Damon.  Never change! 

Seriously, though, I love watching IS play Damon.  The snark and sarcasm are fun, but I especially love the glimpses we get that Damon cares.  About Stefan and Elena, at least.  The seriousness that shows through whenever Elena is putting herself in danger, for instance.  

Damon explaining how he can turn off his human feelings was a nice touch.  I'm not sure he has as much control of that as he thinks, these days, but the idea that a vampire's instinct is NOT to feel, NOT to care, was a very interesting entry into the mythology of the show.  

Bonnie.  Bonnie, Bonnie.  I get that it can be hard to accept all of this, that everything you and your Grams did din't work, that elena chooses to be with Stefan.  But.  I will still be really glad when you move past the angry, I hate everything to do with vampires and can never talk to my best friend again stage.  I miss you and Elena.  So does she.  And so do you.  

Damon.  Shirtless.  Again.  What more needs to be said?

Damon pissed off and threatening Isobel?  Freaking awesome!  Reminiscent of the books when he tells Katherine to go to hell!  Also, Damon is PISSED at Katherine.  CANNOT WAIT for that confrontation to happen.  Season finale, perhaps?  

Bonnie and Elena!  BFFs again!  YAY!!!!  :D

Isobel really is a cold, heartless bitch.  I hope Damon rips her throat out.

Bonnie doing witchy stuff!  Again, yay!  So much good Bonnie in this episode.

Oh. My gosh.  As silly as it sounds, I did NOT see that coming.  I mean, yes, I've seen for some time now Damon's increasing concern for and protectiveness of Elena.  But until Isobel said the words "Because he's in love with you." and Damon sent Stefan that quick, wary look, it did not click for me that really - Damon might just be in love with Elena.  

Katherine was smart?  Katherine was smart?  I'm sorry.  I think Katherine was a selfish, stupid bitch. Maybe my memory of her in the books is coloring my opinion, but really, anyone who thinks she can play two brothers against each other and have them both and everyone will be happy with it...whatever.  

So, Isobel really does have some feelings left.  I don't think vampires can quite turn them on and off like Damon said. 

Of course John is Elena's father!  And Damon is the only one who puts all the pieces together.  Of, course, we viewers have suspected that for a bit, now, right?  I know I did.  

Ooooooooh!  I knew Bonnie didn't really remove that spell!  John now has a weapon against vampires.  

Next week: Season finale!  And Bonnie looks like she's sided firmly against the vampires, all vampires.  *sigh*  And I had such hopes for her and Damon.  And no Katherine in sight.  Well, who knows what next season will bring. 

In other news, my dog is now throwing up rice in chicken broth with lots of foil wrappers throughout.  Ugh.  It only took 36 hours for her body to reject the stuff.  Hopefully, this is the last of it.
Miss Crankypants: Alias Sarkney Hold Upaka_paloma on May 7th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)
and IDK if she studied Nina's speech patterns, but even how she speaks is very similar

Maybe it's because both actresses are Canadian...? Heh. (Well, Nina was born in Bulgaria but has lived in Canada since she was two says IMDb.)

As usual, I'm having trouble accepting David Anders' real accent. It just sounds wrong and like he's just putting on an American accent. I've read on messageboards how he even had tons of Brits fooled. They were shocked to find out he was not English. This is because David Anders is awesome, of course.

I don't know whether to feel worse for your dog (who is doing the puking) or you (who has to clean it up). I hope it all ends soon for both of you.