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12 May 2010 @ 08:33 am
 How much did NCIS rock this week??  (Although the writers are confusing me on an issue, but we'll get back to that later.)

I even loved the Grandfather and Grandson at the very beginning.

"If you wanna live to see 8, you'll shut up and choose something."

Kid knows when to do what he's told.

"Now the most important thing about this, Tommy, is you do not tell your mother."


LMAO!  I love that Grandpa!

Honestly, I haven't been super happy with the last episode, maybe two.  Seriously, TPTB have been dropping hints about Tony/Ziva since Paris, and then we get some random ep in which Tony is totally obsessed with the pretty photojournalist? WTH?  It's not like I'm a hardcore shipper with this show, but talk about mixed signals.  My Mom has been convinced they're having a sercret relationship since the Paris ep, and I have gradually come to agree with her...until last week.  Also, it's just been...IDK, like everyone has been slightly off their game, or something.  

Although, it could partially be blamed on this odd thing they're doing with Gibbs and the lawyer half his age.  Mark Harmon is sexy, sure, but I do not find the much older man/much younger woman pairing sexy.  When they first introduced her, I was speculating she was some illegitimate daughter.  I was shocked when they implied a more romantic connection.    

IDK, I don't think it would bother me as much if, say, Gibbs and Abby started something, because we've seen it develop over seasons.  (Although I do see it as more paternal, I know others don't.)  This thing with the lawyer is just out of left field, and I don't get it.

Palmer, Palmer, Palmer.  You are hilarious!  Please never change! :)

How cute was the mini-cow??  Poor Abby!  LOVED the convo between her and the Director's admin.  "He already knows."  

Ew.  The hanging feet were creepy. 

Abby kicking ass and taking names was awesome!  Although I have a bad feeling about this 20 year old cold case....didn't Gibbs do something bad in Mexico about 20 years ago??

OMG it's Aeryn Sun Claudia Black!  SO AWESOME.

(A total aside - I still have almost no interest in seeing the new Robin Hood.  When are they going to pick an actor who actually looks anything remotely like my mental image of Robin?  Which has admittedly been formed by early exposure to the '80's show starring Michael Praed.  HOWEVER, that doesn't change the fact that Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe are likely NO ONE'S image of the prince of thieves.  

Knight & Day on the other hand, looks like good fun! :-))

Ooooooh, creepy drug cartel lady is totally the daughter of the guy Gibbs killed!  Or niece, or something.  

Yeah, I have a bad feeling about the case, too, Abby.  

OMG, a Paris reference!!  See?  SEE??  TPTB are totally screwing with us!!

So....Collins was the serial killer!  Didn't see that coming. 

And I was right, the dead guy in Abby's cold case is the guy who killed Gibb's wife and daughter.  Oh, Abby.  Oh, Gibbs.  This is going to get ugly, fast.  

Yeah, it already is.  The looks between Abby and Gibbs in the lab!  OMG. 

And the cartel from Mexico rears its head again!  

Oh, Abby.  Oh, Gibbs.  {{HUGS}}  You guys just ripped my heart out.  Next week is going to be rough.